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Table clothes with embroidery from Viet Nam (for Japan only)

Proposal Number : 1128892       Look for contract-based production/processing opportunity
Date Date of Registration : Dec 08, 2011
Date of Revision : Dec 08, 2011
Country / AreaSocialist Republic of Viet Nam 
Proposal Category 1701 Indoor use fabric items such as blankets, curtains, rugs, etc.
8001 Kitchen and table ware and utensils
1704 Special fabrics, laces, tapestries, embroidered cloth, etc.
Target Country / Area JAPAN



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Detail Description

Table clothes with embroidery from Viet Nam (for Japan only)

Our company is representative of the manufacturer of the products in Japan Market.
We would like to find the customers who need table clothes with embroidery.
The embroidery is an detailed art (art to draw by a needle). It requires patience, carefulness, skill, clothing, the creativity and high esthetics as color combination art and other painting techniques.
Looking at the work of craftsmen, it seems that it's an easy work but in fact, it is not like that. To have a fine embroidery product weavers have to concentrate on their products with high spirit and force, embroidery products are very close and decorate Vietnamese people's life since our births to deaths from handkerchief, table cover, garment to embroidery paintings.

There are various kinds of embroidery products for an embroidered product, the craftsmen must make the following stages:
1. To study the drawings of the artists or designers well, make movability on embroidery products and draw line samples exactly so that products express faithfully designing on the stencil.
2. To stretch the embroidery cloth by a wooden frame, ensure the right stretch, if embroidery cloth is not stretched the embroidery side will be bad.
3. To print the images on the surface fabric of products by drawing on the stencil with pencil.
4. To choose the colors of the wire for each label, to prepare the suitable needles to each label.
5. To choose the ways of embroidering for each label, from simple lines to complicated patterns.
6. Trimming means to insert threads in to make colors and thread lines is equal, and then make the embroidery side become smooth, polish, remove the product of the carcass and finish it.

In embroidery process, embroidering hem, bend, for example vein or pistil how to make fabrics adhere to each other like a continuous piece. Thread line of every vein is equal as if it is cut. Lines of thread are softer and thread foot is hidden, products become more beautiful. Besides a very important stage is that color how to combine of thread types can express bright as well as dark distances and suitable pieces.

In our workshop, the talented skilful craftsmen can reply every request from a portrait, designing of fashion samples. We bring not only the products to you of consumed value, but also value of art at any era. With our experiments, we can satisfy your order in great quality to mobilize the craftsmen in the traditional villages of manual work.

Japanese speaking is OK.

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Look for contract-based production/processing opportunity

Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

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Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

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