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Method and System to create semi-eternal job/employment chances

Proposal Number : 1118183       Provide technologies/know-how
Date Date of Registration : May 31, 2010
Date of Revision : Oct 08, 2017
Country / AreaSaitama, Japan 
Proposal Category 8405 Recycling
8403 Industrial waste pollution control
8904 International Cooperation and Industrial Development Support
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Method and System to create semi-eternal job/employment chances

Method and System to create semi-eternal job/employment chances in environmental field providing basic component to construct a large scale network of artificial floating islands and reefs on the waters against global natural disasters: problem to be solved: aiming at effective use of the waste and refuse generated in large quantites without suitable disposable and/or recycle method, the floating island block as a basic member for construction of a large scale network on water field could be provided.

Solution: a main part of the outer shell arranges forest thinned timbers in parallel to form a frame of cage structure. various disposables fully sealed in a water proof bag are stored in the cage to generate a buoyancy. all the outer shell covered by a waste fishing net etc.,
> further, the waste tires are banded to mesh with a rope, and buffer layer is formed. no any special maintenace cost such as rustproof needed until degradation of the key natural materials. less environment pollution and total sustaining cost comes out.

(1)comparing with the existing steel and/or RF concrete frame structure, far less contruction and sustainment total cost for a long time.
(2)no any restriction of procuement for main materials and setting places globally. for employment/job chance creation, too.
(3)possibility of forming a large scale green belt on waters agaist the surface temperature rising causing climate disasters.
(4)for all human beings, the newest common use property could be appeared to avoid collisions between national states due to less useful spaces in the continents. additionaly, to set the grand pax for centuries on the planet right now starting.

* Technologies You Need/You Can Provide
all full practical details

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no any special high level technology needed

* Partner Qualifications
regional planners for interest in environment and job/employment creation

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