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Synthetic Resin

Proposal Number : 1114432       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Oct 14, 2009
Date of Revision : Jun 17, 2013
Country / AreaTokyo, Japan 
Proposal Category 0408 Adhesives
0601 Plastic resins
0602 Plastic products: Industrial use
Target Country / Area Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India

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Detail Description

Synthetic Resin

A synthesized resin manufacturer. Manufacturing plant in Japan and Taiwan(JV)
Target:Export to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam.

We supply the best selling hardeners for
(1)Two components epoxy curing system (2)One pack epoxy curing system. The products trade name: Tohmide, Fujicure Hardeners.
(1)Polyaminoamide and Modified polyamine hardeners as one of the key materials for industrial adhesives, concrete grouting, sealing, flooring and repair works.
Hardeners(2): Fujicure Latent Curing Hardeners as the main stream hardener for Under-fill of IC tips mounting and PCB assemble application. Beside single use of Fujicure, co-using of Fujicure with DICY or Acidanhydride is very effective to enhancing of a cure-accelerating performance
The trade name:Fujicure FXR-1020,FXR-1030,FXR-1081 and extra products. Heat cure temperature is low, ranging from 70 degree-C to 100-120 degree-C, depending on each product.
Powder in 5-10 micron particle on average in 50 % cumulative volume which is small enough to penetrate into a niche of target materials to bond. Small amount of formulation dosage for a successful curing performance. Very good storage stability of formulated one packed component
Cured products is transparent with smooth and glossy surface.
(3):PA resin: high purity dimmer-acid based thermoplastic polyamide resin in pellet.
One of the reliable end use is an additives to give epoxy-cured adhesive layer flexibility.(ex: FCCL).
Another is additives to enhance stronger magnetic force of nylon-12 based plastic magnet
(4):TPAE elastomer in pellet: Promising usage is hot-melt lamination adhesive for untreated PET film by film processed TPAE.Hydrophilic TPAE is also available. Blended hydrophilic TPAE with PMMA for ever lasting anti-static agent demonstrates a lower surface resistivity soon after it is blended.
Almost no deterioration to high light transmission degree of the original PMMA. Improve the original a higher impact resistance of PMMA.

Full amount of Advance payment by T/T or At sight base LC.


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