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Therapeutic Travel and Support Socks/Stockings

Proposal Number : 1079104       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Aug 01, 2006
Date of Revision : Feb 23, 2019
Country / AreaSoenderjylland, Denmark 
Proposal Category 1604 Clothing accessories (handkerchiefs, scarves, neckties, brassieres, girdles, etc.)
1602 Under garments
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas



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Detail Description

Therapeutic Travel and Support Socks/Stockings

**Stockings for Relief of Sore, Tired, Aching and Swollen Legs

The stockings/socks reduce or relief sore, tired, aching and swollen legs.

Target end-users are:
a. Anybody with sore, tired legs and feet
b. Anybody with swollen legs and feet
c. Anybody with cold feet or legs
d. Anybody travelling for many hours by bus, train, airplane or car

Some typical end-users are:
1. Seniors (60+ of age)
2. workers prolonged standing or walking
3. Pregnant women
4. Golfers

Main features of the range:
1. MODERN-LOOKING: Looks very modern, some even look sexy, some look just like high-quality normal socks and stockings
2. For men and women: both transparent (legs are visible) and opague (legs are not visible)
3. High-quality: sweat absorbing, breathable, soft
4. Anatomical shape, optimal fit and complicance, professional sizing system with circumferences, weight, shoe sizes and lengths
5. Available in a total of 10 different colours: black, navy blue, beige, antracite (grey-black), white and 5 different beige/brown shades
6. Available in 4 different styles: AD knee-high, AGH stay-up thigh-high with sexy lace garter, AT Pantyhose and ATM Pre-maternity hose
7. Soft reinforced heel and soft reinforced foot areas
8. Modern packaging box, with user friendly information

**Therapeutic Pre-Maternity Support Stockings ATM 20 mmHg**

a. High-quality:Very soft fabrics, smooth, sweat absorbing, breathable
b. 140 denier and 20 mmHg of compression at the ankle cB
c. Available in black and in light brown colours
d. Available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL
e. Comprehensive sizing system allows proper fit and comfort
f. Transparent, legs are visible
g. Adjustable waist-band at the belly, so that it can be changed during pregnancy

**Travel Socks and Stockings for DVT and Edema - HIGH QUALITY

The socks and stockings can be used by all travellers to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and edema (swellings of legs) during travelling, also called the economy class syndrome. Typical travel that cause DVT and edema are many hours by train or airplane, some times even in car.

A. Easy Step Travel & Support
B. Easy Step FashionSupport

A. Travel & Support for men and women
a.1. High-quality: sweat absorbing microfibers, cotton
a.2. Opague = legs are not visible
a.3. 5 colours: Black, antracite (grey-black), beige, marine blue (dark-blue) and dark-brown
a.4. Available in 15 mmHg and in 20 mmHg pressure at ankle cB
a.5. Sizing system: shoe sizes and ankle (cB) and calf (cC) circumferences, enabling perfect and ultimate comfort
a.6. anatomical shape, reinforced soft heel and soft toe area
a.7. Rectangular support knitting in calf-muscle area

B. Easy Step Fashion & Support:
See above description in first section.

From 3 to 15 US

Prepayment before delivery or other against security

1 pair

Conditions of Products
/ Parts Inventory
Metric System Possible
Bar Coded Inventory Possible
Made to Order Acceptable
Orders from Individual  
Delivery Time Less than 2week(s)
Trade Terms EX WORKS (EXW)
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