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Proposal Number : 1061305       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Jun 28, 2005
Date of Revision : Feb 19, 2015
Country / AreaTokyo, Japan 
Proposal Category 2802 Screws, rivets, bolt, nut, washer, fastener, etc.
Target Country / Area JAPAN



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Detail Description


We are a general trading company handling about 20,000 types of standard screws. We will introduce some special screws here.

1. Security Screws
The grooves on the heads of these screws are specially shaped so that the screws cannot be turned by usual plus- or minus-head screwdrivers. Further, these special shapes are superior in aesthetic design making these screws suitable for decorative use as well.

[Shapes of heads]
A wide variety of types able to be selected from in accordance with the application, including a socket type, two-hole type, one-side type, torque pin type, trawling type, cross pin pan head type, and system type.

[Sizes] M2, M2.3, M2.5, M2.6, M3, M4, M5, M6

Stainless steel, complying with ROSH (European environmental regulations)

[Main applications (purchasers)]
Security equipment and precision machinery manufacturers, car stereo mounts, etc.

2. Plastic Screws
Plastic screws are low in specific gravity and are lighter compared with metal screws. In addition, they have the following features due to being made of plastic.

1. large electrical resistance and superior insulating property
2. superior corrosion resistance and superiority against rust and corrosion
3. small heat conductivity and superior heat resistance,
4. resistance to magnetization.

[Sizes] M1.7 to M16

[Materials] Polycarbonate, PEEK, RENY, AURUM, PTFE, PPS, etc.

[Main applications (purchasers)]
Manufacturers of semiconductor devices, vacuum devices, general machinery, etc.

We are also ready to provide general screws as well. Please contact us. For details on the products we handle, please see our homepage.

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