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Check Fraud Prevention System

Proposal Number : 1056028       Find investors
Date Date of Registration : Feb 09, 2005
Date of Revision : Mar 04, 2018
Country / AreaWyoming, U.S.A. 
Proposal Category 5201 Information processing and software related businesses
8203 Security goods and equipment
4901 Financing industry (banking, general financing, securities industry, leasing industry)
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas

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Detail Description

Check Fraud Prevention System

Our company has been developing a system using facial identification software and graphics design to prevent credit fraud at banks, retailers and casinos. It is designed to stop credit card, debit card and check cashing fraud and to protect the retailer and banker from the loses they now suffer.

Our patent pending system operates at both ends of the transaction. This greatly reduces the level of fraud and loses to both the retailer and bank. The system works in milliseconds and does not interfere with the normal transaction. It is immune from false positives. It is able to distinguish between a picture and a person by looking for moment of a person's eyes and facial muscles.

Our company applied for a patent in 2002 for its system and technology and is still waiting on approval. Our system allows the retailers and banks for the first time to fully verify the credit transaction before it takes place. Thus preventing losses to the retailer and bank. It allows the retailer and bank to identify people committing credit fraud and take immediate action against them to prevent them from continuing their crime at other locations.

By focusing on key customers such as banking and retail and meeting their needs for fraud prevention, our company will increase sales of its system to more than $17,000,000.00 in five years. We will be maintaining high gross margins for our business and improving sales, while increasing working capital. Our business plan of leasing equipment and licensing the technology will provide additional revenue streams for current and future years.

Our plan shows the way we intend to succeed. The plan provides the step by step plan for growing the company, increasing sales, gross margin and profitability. It also provides for long term revenue growth.

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Investment Amount US$ 385,000
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