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Emulsification Equipment, Nano Mill Equipment and others

Proposal Number : 81365       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Mar 20, 2014
Date of Revision : Aug 07, 2015
Country / AreaShizuoka, Japan 
Proposal Category 2702 Chemical industrial equipment and parts of such
2605 Food processing machines and parts of such
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Emulsification Equipment

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Detail Description

Emulsification Equipment, Nano Mill Equipment and others

Product 1: Emulsification Equipment
This is emulsification equipment capable of advanced emulsification control that is completely new and different from conventional emulsification technology.
-It is possible to mix liquid and liquid or liquid and gas fine particles.
-In addition to the stirring, centrifuge, compression and shear stress by the conventional blades, the power of cavitation shock waves has been added to make emulsification processing possible.
-Furthermore, the emulsification effect is further raised by micro bubbles.
-This has a circulation system unlike the batch style, so it is possible to have high-grade emulsification control (1-30micron).
-This equipment does not require a stabilizer and has a phase separation avoidance function.(International Patent PCT/JP2010/068762, US-2010-0256329 A1 )

Product 2: Nano Mill Equipment
This equipment is thought to be promising for applications at the micro level in foods, including pastes, purees, potages and dressings. Moreover, miniaturization at the nano level produces new processing technologies and this leads to increased expectations that the birth of a new type of processed food is not just a dream. This equipment has been successful used in the refinement of tea, kumquat and coffee grounds sub-mitan (100n). We are now looking into particulate fraction and preparation.

Product 3: Micro Nano Bubble Generating Equipment
This is a device equipped with both a bubble generating function and valve function by a Venturi tube. It is possible to control the particle size of the bubbles to a range of 1-30micron. .(International Patent PCT/JP2010/068762, US-2010-0256329 A1 )

Product 4: Micro Bubble Generating Valve
This is a special valve with foam based on Bernoulli's Theorem using a Venturi tube. Cavitation is generated by the cooperative effect of the high-pressure centrifugal pump. (Japanese Patent No.4960435)

Product 5: Aspirator Valve
This is equipment that pulls gas into liquids by the aspirator principle when liquid passes through a body. There is a reverse flow stop in the air inlet, so there is no leakage of fluid. (Japanese Patent No.5193316)

Product 6: Hydrogen Water Manufacture Equipment
This is a water purifier that is capable of producing large quantities of reduced hydrogen water. This is capable of making reduced hydrogen water from tap water by passing it through a special filter to a tank and storing it before bubbling with hydrogen gas. This can make 20L of reduced hydrogen water that has a reduction potential of -600mv with more than 1ppm of dissolved hydrogen in 60 minutes. In addition to drinking water, this hydrogen water can also be used to clean skin for which it is possible to expect an antioxidant action. It is possible to use plenty of dense hydrogen water easily. (Japanese Patent No. 5095020)

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Land for sale (Kyoto, 470 square meters)

Land for sale (Kyoto, 470 square meters)

Provide office/factory space

Shizuoka, Japan

Sep 04, 2015 RegistrationSep 04, 2015 Revision

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Factory, warehouse, office space for lease (For Japan only)

Provide office/factory space

Shizuoka, Japan

Aug 31, 2015 RegistrationAug 31, 2015 Revision

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