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Forklift Scale, Crane Scale, Suspension scale, etc.

Proposal Number : 81348       Offer to sell products / parts
Date Date of Registration : Mar 20, 2014
Date of Revision : Mar 20, 2014
Country / AreaAichi, Japan 
Proposal Category 3110 Measuring instruments, parts there of and accessories
2607 Lifting machines(cranes, lifts, elevators, etc.) and parts of such, cargo handling equipment and accessories
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Forklift Scale "Mercury II"
The forklift scale capable of measurement and conveyance simultaneously.

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Detail Description

Forklift Scale, Crane Scale, Suspension scale, etc.

Product 1: Forklift Scale "Mercury II"
The forklift scale capable of measurement and conveyance simultaneously.
The busier you are, the more effective introduction of the forklift scale is. There are a number of fields where the work efficiency has been tripled.
You can simply attach the scale to your forklift.

Product 2: U Frame Scale "Derby"
The product is optimal for weighing a pallet and easy to carry. In addition, the product can rest against a wall while it is not used, thus creating no dead space.
The product is ultralight as it adopts aluminum as a material. Its deadweight is 28kg.

Product 3: Heat-resistant Type (Weighing by Pouring Ladle) Crane Scale (Wireless Type) "Corona 7"
It can even suspend a pouring ladle having molten metal of 1600 deg C.
With the use of the heat-resistant type load cell, high precision can be kept.
The product is essential to quality improvement of castings and also leads to cost reduction since there is no longer waste such as returned hot water.

Product 4: Subaru (Pleiades)
The pressure resisting, explosion-proof suspension scale is our unique product that passed the tough structure verification (2G4) in Japan. It has the load transfer mechanism that can accommodate unbalanced load even in a location where almost no clearance is generated and has realized the high precision.

Product 5: Cosmo Clean Mate
The suspension scale having not only load cells or housing but also hook assembly which are all made of stainless steel.
The case housing the electronic board, etc. is made of polycarbonate, has IP67 waterproof performance, and does not break even if it goes under the water.

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