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Sesami Seeds, Corn, Sesame Oil, Gum Arabic

Proposal Number : 80893
Sell products/parts
Date Date of Registration : Mar 04, 2013
Date of Revision : Mar 06, 2013
Country / Area Sudan 
Proposal Category 0103 Processed vegetables, fruit and nuts (dried, canned, etc. including seasonings
0203 Animal or vegetable fats or oils
0701 Natural rubber, synthetic rubber
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas
Sesami Seeds, Corn, Sesame Oil, Gum Arabic

Sesami Seeds, Corn, Sesame Oil, Gum Arabic

<Sesami Seeds>
Our sesame screened seeds is one of the best sesame seeds in the area, because it delivered to the client as fresh as it is, clean and according to the standards. Our usual containers are 25, 30 & 50 kg, but also we provide special containers according to the client order. The sesame season is usually being very prosperous in the end of October and all November.

<Peeled Sesame>
we have a special machines that work with the screened sesame seeds and peeling it, with high quality and control

<Sesame Oil>
From our huge farms sesame production we open great oil production line that have the high quality as our sesame seeds quality. The sesame oil being distributed & delivered according to our client containers order from 500g up to 250kg.

It is one of our products where it being grown at our farms, but it distributes and export as pure without any manufacturing process.

<Gum Arabic>
According to the governmental policies most of the huge farm set special 10 acres for Arabic Gum cultivation. We entered this market especially by the last 5 years with good market share.

<<Export experience>
Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Greece, China, Korea & Egypt

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User Info
Corporate Name ALROMANI Specialized in Crops Exportation Co. Ltd 
Contact Person Mr. Adil Wadie Gobrial
Address Khartoum Office: Behind Al-Qurashi Park, Khartoum 2, Khartoum, Sudan
TEL +249-12331099
FAX +249-154981400
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