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Fruit/Vegetable Spreads, Tomato Juice with Basil

Proposal Number : 80876
Sell products/parts
Date Date of Registration : Mar 04, 2013
Date of Revision : Feb 28, 2014
Country / Area Bosnia And Herzegovina 
Proposal Category 0103 Processed vegetables, fruit and nuts (dried, canned, etc. including seasonings
0104 Coffee, tea, cocoa, beverages, vinegar, etc.
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas
Fruit/Vegetable Spreads, Tomato Juice with Basil

Fruit/Vegetable Spreads, Tomato Juice with Basil

We provide Fruit/Vegetable Spreads, Tomato Juice with Basil.

* Fruit Spreads unsweetened 100% fruit content
Pure Fruit (Mix, Apricot, Strawberry, Plum, Sweet Cherry) Excellent for breakfast, for preparing desserts or as a healthy snack in between

*Fruit Spreads sweetened
(Rose Hip & Quince, Quince & Walnut, Carrot & Walnut, Beetroot & Carrot)
Products of this kind are often served as a welcome snack in many Eastern cultures due to their calming and mood enhancing effects.

*Vegetable mixes and formulations
Ajvar de Luxe-with grilled peppers; Tomato Dream-from green tomatoes; Bruschetta-with garlic; Paprika Filet-grilled, in olive oil; Lutenica-hot sauce

*Tomato Juice with Basil

Processing follows three important principles:
1. "From the field into the jar-the products will be processed immediately after harvesting, generally within 24 hours.
2. "Safe and healthy"-the products will be analysed in the internal laboratory and only after a positive result are theyapproved for processing.
3."Free from preservatives" neither chemical preservatives or other additives are used. Pasteurisation and sterilisation processes are closely monitored.

<Export experience>
Germany, Canada, USA, Australia


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User Info
Corporate Name PI "Sava Semberija" d.o.o 
Contact Person Mr. Milorad Krstic
Address Raje Banjicica bb, 76300 Bijeljina, Bosnia And Herzegovina
TEL +387-55201113
FAX +387-55201112
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