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White&Red dry wine, Brandy

Proposal Number : 80875
Sell products/parts
Date Date of Registration : Mar 04, 2013
Date of Revision : Mar 05, 2013
Country / Area Bosnia And Herzegovina 
Proposal Category 0105 Alcoholic beverages
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas
White&Red dry wine, Brandy

White&Red dry wine, Brandy

We produce white & red dry wine, brandy.

* White dry wine
Premium white wine from this cellar is characterized with freshness and richness of the taste, which last in memory.

*Red dry wine
Powerful and fine wine of the south is getting excellently accustomed to good oak-wood, which makes wine slowly to mature and to develop its reorganizable buquet. Excellence of Blatina extra comes in full expression with good mature cheese and good food.

It is a well-known traditional beverage from the Herzegovina region, which is consumed at all times of day and at celebrations. It is also commonly consumed for health reasons. It is easily drinkable with all kinds of fruits. It may be served as a welcome drink, and some experts use it as a digestive. This brandy is praiseworthy grape's descendant. It is made by distillation of fermented must and its own aroma carries the recognizable features of noble grape cultivars and the untouched nature of the region where they belong to. This is bottled in 0,75 l and 1 l.

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Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Austria, ect.


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User Info
Corporate Name PODRUMI ANDRIJA D.O.O. 
Contact Person Mr. Miroslav Coric
Address Paoca bb, 88260 Citluk, Bosnia And Herzegovina
TEL +387-36643102
FAX +387-36644102
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