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Look for Business Partner of 100-Yen Store in Chile (Japan only)

Proposal Number : 1160574       Find investors
Date Date of Registration : Nov 21, 2017
Date of Revision : Oct 27, 2018
Country / AreaRegion Metropolitana, Chile 
Proposal Category 8001 Kitchen and table ware and utensils
8003 Gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.
8011 Bath, toiletry, and sanitary products
Target Country / Area JAPAN

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Detail Description

Look for Business Partner of 100-Yen Store in Chile (Japan only)

We are looking for a Business Partner for 100-Yen Store in Chile.
We believe that with our knowledge of our market, our experience in business development and retail operation, we need to get a company that will help us adequately to get all the products that kind of store need. We are looking for whether it is a company that can sell ALL products of that kind of store would be sold, or a company that is interested in investing in this business and that company help to get 100 Yen Store franchises already created.

In Peru, a company successfully started this business. The behavior of the Peru consumer is similar to our country. So we think we could replicate here the success achieved there. In Chile, there are already stores that are succeeding in this kind of business. But the difference would be to obtain qualities "Made in Japan" but at a highly attractive price (100 Yen or similar).

We must invest in opening a first store, finance the first 3-4 months in which we believe that the break-even point can be reached. If this deadline is met and sales to the first year reach to finance the 80% to the cost of opening a second location, this step will be carried out. The rest must be obtained through bank loans. And so on until we reach the 5 locations.

*Amount needed
The required investment is USD 200,000 and the request is by 50%.

*The use of money invested
Local Opening Costs: USD 70,000
Cost of Purchase 40FT Container of Products: USD 70,000
Capital to finance the first stage until the consolidation of the business: USD 60,000

*Investee/Investor relationship
Partners of the same company.

*Investee's Responsibility/Role
Manage the operations of the premises, the search and opening of the branches, etc.

*Investor's responsibility/Role
The search for products and handled the delivery to our country (Critical).

Investment Amount US$ 100,000
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