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The environmental clean-up by multi-function ceramics

Proposal Number : 1070725       Find investors
Date Date of Registration : Feb 13, 2006
Date of Revision : Nov 20, 2019
Country / AreaAichi, Japan 
Proposal Category 1902 Ceramics other than chinaware
0509 Other chemical products
8402 Water pollution control
Target Country / Area All Countries / Areas


Multi-function ceramic "CATACARAM" sample (grain type, hollow type, fines type)

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Detail Description

The environmental clean-up by multi-function ceramics

Business contents:
While environmental pollution advances on a terrestrial scale, have the
purification function which resets environment to natural state the catalyst
active ceramics which "CATACERAM".

They are the worldwide first are superior catalyst active ceramics which
were made from research and ceramic engineering development of the mineral
which covers long time.
Function of catalyst active ion switching function and adsorption function
of minute porous structure operates with triune.
As a result, of the anti-bacterial dirt-repellent adjustment anti mold and
the underwater dissolved ion (wealth mineral conversion and pH adjustment)
furthermore quality of adsorption of heavy metal and the ha logen element
etc. is caused.
Guaranty of safety and hygienic characteristic such as purification of the
water for the beverage and industry and purification of the air becomes
CATACERAM does not include the harmful matter in the material.
Abolition characteristic (it returns to earth) to be superior, non-polluting
low the ecology which can actualize the resource it is the material.
The possibility of being able to become standard as a purification material
of the water air is concealed.

Future plan, doing application commodity development, is the sale enlargement.
Those where you think as first use, the clean water machine(For home, building and apartment etc.), are the clean water plant(For food processing, for agricultural chemical washing, for production of factory and pool, public bathhouse, and so on).
Especially, environment of the life service water it is bad, China and
southeast Asia now think promising.
Already China, Taiwan and the tie etc. and business negotiation has been

In addition, it depends on catalyst function, the harmful bacterium, of
development to the market which utilizes virus removal ability is thought.

*Necessary hot spring bathhouse field of Legionella bacterium measure
*Bird influenza measure
*The fish farming field whose carp herpes measure is necessary

In case of financing : As for collection from 5-10 years, As for investment yield in year 5%.
In case of investment : It accepts the dispatch of the official and it is possible. If possible, unsecured non guarantee is desired.

(However the Chief Executive Officer becomes the guarantor)

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Multi-function ceramic "CATACARAM" sample (grain type, hollow type, fines type)

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Multi-function ceramic "CATACARAM" sample (Honeycomb type)

Investment Amount 20,000,000YEN
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Multi-function ceramics for environmental clean-up

Multi-function ceramics for environmental clean-up

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Aichi, Japan

Feb 09, 2006 RegistrationNov 20, 2019 Revision

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