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Fischer Connectors K.K., Japan

Fischer Connectors has been designing, developing and deploying high-performance connectivity solutions for more than 65 years. Its connectors, cable assemblies and electronic solutions are renowned worldwide for their high reliability, quality, precision, and resistance to demanding conditions in industries such as medical, defense and security, industrial automation, robotics, instrumentation and energy.

With its headquarters and primary design and manufacturing facilities in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, the Fischer Connectors Group has eight subsidiaries and cable assembly sites in EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, and a wide network of distributors and agents all over the world. In 2017, the Group opened a subsidiary in Japan, Fischer Connectors K.K., in order to provide its Japanese customers with an easier access to the company’s expertise and technologies in ruggedness, sealing, high density and data transmission, as well as to support its two distributors in the country, Tokiwa and Riken Dengu Seizo. Fischer Connectors Japan is managed by Representative Director Nick Nishitani.

Fischer Connectors relied on JETRO’s market intelligence and service provider network to establish its subsidiary in the best conditions possible. “Business has been thriving according to plan,” explains Jean Michel Puiatti, Chief Commercial Officer at Fischer Connectors Headquarters. “Despite the global economic slowdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we could strengthen our Japanese sales force in hiring a new sales executive in 2020. We are going through this global crisis with new resources, and we are building a strategic and growth plan with local customers and partners that will allow us to continue investing in Japan.”

Name: Fischer Connectors K.K.
Address: Hirakawacho Building, Hirakawacho 2-chome 6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093
Tel: + 81 3 3234 12 01
Employees: 2
Employees Worldwide: 500
Net Sales Revenue Worldwide: NA 
Serviced provided by JETRO: IBSC facilities, market information, introduction to service providers  

Aux Merveilleux de Fred, Kagurazaka

At the beginning, Les Merveilleux de Fred is the story of Frederic Vaucamps, who in 1982, opened his first artisanal pastry shop in Hazelbrouck where he worked on various products including meringue and brioche. Fifteen years later, he opened his first shop in Lille Aux Merveilleux de Fred, the brand was born... Over the years, shops opened elsewhere in France, but also in Belgium, Germany, the United States, Canada and in 2018 in Switzerland. This is where the story of Aux Merveilleux de Fred, Tokyo started.

Indeed, behind the success of Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Tokyo there is a Swiss family: Alexandre Tranchellini and Gaëlle Martinez both in love with Aux Merveilleux and Japan. Alexandre and his family have been traveling a lot in Japan before they decided to settle in Japan. They have decided to set up Les Merveilleux de Fred in Tokyo, after a discussion with the manager of Aux Merveilleux in Geneva who told them that the CEO of the company was looking for managers for the expansion of the brand in Japan. The Swiss couple sized this fantastic opportunity and decided to open Aux Merveilleux de Fred in Tokyo. The shop opened in June 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, it meets with great success with a fantastic return of Social medias.

“What we like about working in Japan is the quality of the employees and the quality of our partners that are efficient and reliable. The most important when doing business in Japan is to understand that the clients are very demanding and in our business besides the product itself, the packaging is very important, much more than in Europe. To make it in Japan, do not try to be more Japanese than the Japanese, be patient, respect the business manners and the code but keep your culture as well.” says Alexandre Tranchellini, General Manager of the shop Aux Merveilleux de Fred, Kagurazaka, Tokyo.

Name: AMFK Kagurazaka
Address: 107-2 Yaraicho, Shinjuku 162.0805, Tokyo
Telephone: +81 70 4110 1759
Established: 2019
Employees: 25
Service received from JETRO:
Use of IBSC, introduction to service providers, support in visa process.


Founded in 1950, the company REGO-FIX, which is located in the Basel Canton, is an internationally active family business with over 280 employees and has been producing and selling high-precision tool clamping systems for over 70 years. The company has sales partners in 50 countries and subsidiaries in the USA, China, Brazil and Southeast Asia. The products are successfully implemented in the automotive, aerospace, mold and die, machine tool, medical, telecommunications and watchmaking industries.

In 2020, in spite of the pandemic, REGO-FIX AG has decided to create a subsidiary in Japan. REGO-FIX Japan located in Tokyo, has been founded in January 2021. This new subsidiary of REGO-FIX is not just a sales office, it is also an office where distributors can receive technical support, on the mid to long term REGO-FIX would like to develop R&D collaboration with Japanese corporates according to Mr. Pascal Forrer, Global Sales and Marketing Director at REGO-FIX Headquarters.

REGO-FIX KK,is managed by Mr. Satoshi Akiyama. Mr. Forrer’s comments regarding the nomination of Mr. Akiyama: “Because of the worldwide pandemic the training of our Japan manager Satoshi Akiyama was done entirely via telecommunication, including webinars and technical training via video conference. This includes product and technical training as well as introduction to our business partners.“

REGO-FIX Switzerland has received the support from JETRO in Geneva and in Tokyo to set up its entity in Japan.

Services provided: Registration consultation, PR support, Introduction to service providers

Nakano Sunplaza 9F
4-1-1, Nakano Ku,
Tokyo, Japan

swissQprint Japan KK

swissQprint AG’s headquarters is Located in the heart of Eastern Switzerland, the canton of St. Gallenis, which is known as a center of precision and ICT industries. Three engineers working in the printer division of a high-performance digital cutter manufacturer in Artstetten, St. Gallen had the ambition to develop high-end large-scale printers independently and founded swissQprint AG in the canton in 2007.
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M-Industry Japan Inc.

M-Industry was established in 1928 as a division for the development and manufacture of PB products sold at Migros. The food and cosmetics products manufactured by the company amount to 90% of Migros’ product lineup, and the number of PB products that have been produced so far surpasses 20,000. M-Industry has been actively expanding its overseas business.
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