Japan Pavilion @ Singapore International Water Week 2016


Event Details

Date: 11 - 13 July (Mon - Wed), 2016
Time: 09:30 - 17:30
Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Basement 2

Event Outline

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is organising the “JETRO Pavilion (Japan)” at Singapore International Water Week 2016. We are participating for the 5th time this year to showcase the various water treatment technologies that Japan, renowned for its advanced technological capabilities, has to offer and support the overseas business expansion of companies in such related fields.

With a size of 504 sqm this time, the JETRO Pavilion (Japan) is one of the biggest international pavilions at SIWW 2016. We will be showcasing many types of products and technologies from Japanese companies that are known to be the most advanced in the world and highly anticipated even by the exhibition organisers.

As a continuation from our participation in the previous edition of SIWW, we have in our pavilion 28 water treatment-related companies and organisations, many of them manufacturers of products incorporating technology ranked among the top in Japan. From providers of solutions targeted at water treatment facilities to companies supplying membrane, sensor, water treatment chemical technology and so on, our pavilion consists of exhibitors with diverse profiles. We hope to raise the awareness of our exhibitors among Singapore companies to the next higher level and support them in the expansion and development of sales channels in various other ASEAN countries.

Exhibitor List & Floor Plan

View the list of participating exhibitors below or download the full catalog here. <PDF> (7143KB)

Booth Company Name Products
B2-Q04 Yokohama Water Business Association Water supply and sewarage technology in Yokohama City.
Water business associations in Yokohama.
B2-Q06 Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA) Catalogues and panels on water supply and sewarage technologies in Japan.
B2-Q08 ANES Equipment capable of extending the shelf life of pipes Electromagnetic apparatus.
B2-Q10 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Asia Pacific
Water related technologies, products, services and total solutions.


Water treatment through membrane separation technology, air purification technology using water and so on.

Simple water analysis systems (Chemical, water quality assessment.

B2-R05 Life of Water Chubu Forum, Nagoya

Proposals on water supply, sewarage and maintenance management by companies in the Chubu region.

Featuring pressure maintaining valves, electromagnetic flowmeters, PODs etc.


"Thin Membrane Evaporation Powder Concentrate Equipment" that converts waste sludge from factories into powder concentrate by ONE PASS.

A mixer (Line Mixer) without mechanical parts that mixes hypochlorous acid and ozone at water purification and treatment facilities.


Ultrasonic flowmeters and level sensors used in water treatment. Other types of sensors will be on display as well.

B2-R13 ICHIGO HOLDINGS Underground water detection devices, disinfecting agglutination agents and anti- scale adhesion apparati.

RO membrane modules, FO membrane modules.

B2-R06 Aplus Trading Rainwater re-use systems.

Anti-clogging solid-liquid separation apparatus "Slit Saver" that is used mainly in water treatment.

B2-R14 KITZ Corporation "Kitz Mat farming", a revolutionary farming system where fish are reared on-land in recycled treated water, can provide solutions to problems plaguing sea farming activities. In addition, this process value adds to the current system through automation and ensures the safe delivery of products.
B2-S01 KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES Sensing technology and chemicals used in water treatment processes.
B2-S05 Fukoku Kogyo Screw press maker which has years of experience in developing technology in this area.
B2-S07 KURARAY CHEMICAL Activated carbon filters, nitrogen generators, water treatment membranes and waste water treatment PVA gels.
B2-S13 International Business
Platform Fukuoka

Introduction on water supply and sewarage technology in Fukuoka City.

Introduction on products and technology of members of the Fukuoka International Business Development Platform.

B2-S02 JFE Engineering Corporation Water treatment (Water supply, sewarage and sludge treatment equipment).
B2-S04 NANGOKU FLEXIBLE HOSE INDUSTRY Flexible hoses used in various types of pipes.
B2-S06 SOLACE Aerators used in waste water treatment facilities aeration treatment processes.
B2-S08 DAIKI AXIS Waste water treatment apparatus (water purification tank).
B2-S10 Kotobuki Kankyoh Kizai Water treatment apparatus (membrane etc).
B2-T01 Sumitomo Electric Industries

Water treatment membranes (Portable types)

Information to be featured on posters, promotion videos and brochures.

B2-T03 KAJIMA CORPORATION Waste water and sludge treatment technology.
B2-T05 Sun Benefit Water treatment facilities running on hydroelectricity.

Swing Corporation

Sludge treatment, phosphate recovery, SWN (Remote monitoring systems)

Info panels on public-private projects.

B2-T09 Azuma Solar The DSW Series of solar energy water heaters capable of reclaiming potable water and warm water simultaneously is patented in Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Germany.

Organiser's Contact

"Japan Pavilion @ Singapore International Water Week 2016" is organised by JETRO as part of the 50th Anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations (SJ50) Project in Singapore.
For enquiries, please contact:
Mr. Mingxian (JETRO Singapore)
TEL: +65 6221-8174
Email: spr@jetro.go.jp