JETRO Japan Food Business Meeting in Singapore

Event Details

Date: 3 March (Thu), 2016
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Venue: Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, Cinnamon Room (Level 5)


Event Outline

"JETRO Japan Food Business Matching in Singapore" is a platform for Singapore importers, distributors and restaurateurs to meet food suppliers from Japan, with the aim of promoting the export of agricultural and food products from Japan.

Fresh, safe, and of course, delicious agricultural and seafood products proudly grown and harvested in Japan will be showcased at this event. We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity for you to have direct business discussions with food producers from Japan. Please visit us at the fair, and discover the excellence of Japanese Food!

Exhibitor List & Floor Plan

Category No. Company Name Products
1 KAMEWA SHOUTEN Spanish Mackerel pickled with Saikyo-miso, Natural Sea Bream, Matcha Green Tea and Soyflour Candy
2 SHOKUEN Yellowtail Fillet
19 LIBERTE HONPO Lemonica , Japanica, Italyica (Flavoured Fried Squid)
20 ABUI KAMABOKO Red Fish Paste Tempura, Squid Leg Dumplings, Tofu Chikuwa (Boiled Fish Paste)
3 MIYANO FOODS Koganemochi Daifuku Rice Cake, Non-sugar Daifuku Rice Cake stuffed with Bean Jam, Sugared Sweet Potato
4 S-TRUST Banana Sponge Cake, Taiyaki Cake, Bamboo Charcoal Cashew
5 Habutae Tofu Tofu Balls (Lotus Root), Tofu Balls (Onion), Cooked Freeze-dried Tofu
17 KINTOBI SHIGA Due to unforeseen circumstances, KINTOBI SHIGA is unable to exhibit at this event.
18 AMANOJITSUGYO Uchi-no-omisoshiru (Spinach), Nyumen with Five Kinds of Vegetables (Light Miso Flavor), Chinese Rice Porridge with Scallop Adductor
6 HOKUREN Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives Hokkaido Beef
7 YAWATAYACHAHO Matcha (Bulk), Organic Green Tea Series "WA・IN", Chafuku (Teapot & Green Tea Set)
8 Ujinotsuyu Seicha Iyemon Matcha Blend Sencha, Sencha Tea Bag, Matcha Hagoromo #750
9 NUKUIEN Deep-steamed Tea, Shiitake Mushrooms cultivated on Withered Tree Log, Soup Powder (Dashikona)
10 NATUROPATH Hemp Seed Oil Dressing (No Additives), Honkaku Shirodashi (13-fold Concentrate), Kin-no-Mugicha (Decaffeinated)
15 KOSAKA Houjicha Powder ~nagomi~, Genmaicha Powder ~nagomi~, Yuzu Powder ~atsuragi~
16 Ocha no Tamura Motechatte (Powder Green Tea) - 1 kg, Motechatte (Powder Roasted Rice Tea) -1 kg, Motechatte (Powder Roasted Tea)
11 OKS Burdock Tea, Kinpiragobo (Dried Vegetables), Vegetable Broth
12 Naito Farm Kanjyuku Peach Nectar (100% Pure Fruit Juice), Jewelry Peaches
13 GRA Migaki-Ichigo (Strawberries), Migaki-Ichigo Mousseux (Sparkling Wine), Migaki-Ichigo Canette (Sparkling Wine)
14 Tanaka Farm Spinach, Mizuna (Potherb Mustard), Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach)

※ Click here to download the list of companies and their products. <PDF> (780KB)

Organiser's Contact

"JETRO Japan Food Business Meeting in Singapore" is organised by,
Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO)
For enquiries, please contact:
Ms. Adeline (JETRO Singapore)
TEL: +65 6221-8174