Invest Japan


The Invest Japan program at JETRO provides support services to foreign companies that are interested in venturing into Japan, such as:

  1. Free temp business office facility for 50 working days
  2. Free consultation services on incorporation/visa/tax/HR
  3. Market Information on specific sectors (customized report / industry advisors)
  4. Business opportunities (Networking events / Exhibition participation / Invitation programs, etc)
  5. Japan-wide governmental network to support regional expansion


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Below we will regularly update with information on programs that are applicable to foreign companies interested in venturing into Japan:



The S6IX International Accelerator is a collaborative program that prepares ex-Japan startup companies, in health, nutrition, agriculture, and technology to build products ad services sales in the Japanese market. Participants include consumer therapeutics, AgTech, IoT, AI, cybersecurity, multispectral imaging, embedded systems, blockchain, etc. S6IX is an intensive 1 to 4 week program tailor-made to participating entrepreneurs as they found or expand their startups on Shikoku Island in Kamiyama, Tokushima, Japan.

S6IX recreates that "farm-to-retails" vertical integration of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries with a program that spans sectors, diversifies industries, and continues to internationalise Kamiyama.








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