2nd Breakout Session – Global Businesses

The 2nd breakout session will focus on Global Businesses. Businesses are defined as businesses that are reliant on other global stakeholders, such as businesses operating in the global supply chain. Examples are manufacturing, international logistics, aviation, etc. The impact of Covid-19 has been significant on these types of businesses, from disruption in global supply chain to not being able to operate at maximum capacity due to restriction in labour, etc.


Problem Statements:

- How can we digitalize operations and convince partners to move to digital? (Ex. In retail and general trading, customers have different digital readiness. How do we make transition easier with tech?)


- How can we enable more flexibility and yet optimise resources in our business operations when addressing customer requirements after Covid-19? (Ex. In manufacturing, how can corporates use tech to be more agile and flexible and yet achieve resource optimisation?)


- How can we address long term challenges like food security and safety, environmental issues through reforming manufacturing practices?


Date: July 2nd (Thu), 2pm-3pm SGT (3pm-4pm JST)

Venue: Zoom platform, event access link to be send by July 1st (Wed)
Admission: Free, open to all
The following, in particular, may be interested in the event:

-Those working in Global Businesses (e.g. manufacturing, international logistics, aviation, etc.) and is interested to find out how partnering start-ups can bring about innovation within your organization

-Anyone interested in finding out more on the new issues on the ground facing Global Businesses in light of the Covid-19 pandemic

Registration deadline: June 30th (Tue) 6pm SGT




Mr Takaki Nakamura (Vertex Holdings, Executive Director, Partnership Group, Head of Japan Team)

Mr Jonathan Lim (Enterprise Singapore, Director, Global Innovation Network)

Ms Junko Ishii (JETRO Singapore, Managing Director)

Moderator - Mr Kohki Sakata (Industrial Growth Platform Inc., CEO & Partner)


About Vertex Holdings

Vertex Holdings is a Singapore-based venture capital investment holding company. Currently, there are six funds in the network, namely: Vertex Ventures China, Vertex Ventures Israel, Vertex Ventures SEA & India, Vertex Ventures US, Vertex Ventures HC and Vertex Growth. The Vertex network of funds invests in early stage technology opportunities through Vertex Ventures, early stage healthcare opportunities through Vertex Ventures HC, and growth stage opportunities through Vertex Growth. Each Vertex fund operates independently, with separate local teams that raise and manage their respective funds. We believe in value creation beyond capital and we do so by cultivating an ecosystem of innovative organizations for business development and collaboration with our portfolio companies for cross-border expansion and new market entry.



Pitching Start-ups and Tech companies:

1. Arcstone

Arcstone is at the forefront of helping manufacturers gain better visibility and optimization of their production processes through digitization. Termed arc.opsTM (Arcstone Operations Platform), our next generation manufacturing execution system (MES) is a truly modular, flexible and open platform that is able to rapidly integrate with IoT sensors, machines, ERPs, and workstation tablets to capture data across fully automated to fully manual processes in manufacturing, machine maintenance, warehousing and construction. Arcstone has developed 40+ modules that cover everything a manufacturer would want to see.



2. KEYfields

KEYfields started to build transport and logistics solutions to bridge the gaps, first with an enterprise ready Warehouse Management Solution followed quickly by one of Singapore’s first locally developed Transport Management Systems. Today, KEYfields iLOGON integrated suite of solutions also include Freight, Container, Container Yard, Bus to Order and Accounting modules. iLOGON solutions are not only managing and running the operations of SMEs, Government agencies and MNCs but also allowing their management to make timely decisions with instantaneous information readily available at their fingertips. Our solutions can be installed on "On Premise" or "On Cloud".



3. SenSING

SenSING is a Singapore-based IoT and Data Analytics company focused on the most valuable asset in the Built Environment – people. SenSING provides solutions (for both retrofit and new build) focused on commercial buildings including but not limited to offices, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities, and warehouses. We provide a real-time “state of the building” with a powerful end to end solution related to environmental conditions and spatial analysis. We enable personalized yet anonymized feedback, provide multi-modal sensors, rich data visualization, cloud data storage and data analytics. We are a successfully commercialized National University of Singapore (NUS) Spin-Off company and a member of Singapore Business Federation (SBF).



4. Eureka Robotics

Featured in the New York Times, the Guardian, the Economist, and CNN, Eureka is revolutionizing the field of robotics. Empowered by A.I. and Robotics research from NTU and MIT, Eureka Robotics delivers robotic solutions and software to automate tasks that require High Accuracy and High Agility (#HAHA). Eureka Robotics prides itself on helping clients achieve vastly improved productivity, lower costs, better safety. Common uses include precision-handling, assembly, inspection, drilling, and many other domains.



5. Sophie’s Bionutrients

Food Grade Protein from Microalgae is relatively a new and unheard-of opportunity in alternative protein. The key challenges include, 1. to grow the protein at a cost low enough, and 2. to extract the protein to the purity that you can make it into plant milk and plant meat. We can do all that. We are developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae. We have a proprietary strain of microalgae which can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and could be harvested in just 3 days. Our microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products.



6. DiMuto

DiMuto makes trade simple for global agri-food traders by utilizing IoT, Blockchain and AI to digitalize the trade, systemize data and capitalize to unlock values for stakeholders. DiMuto is a trade technology service championing Collaborative Commerce. We provide end-to-end supply chain visibility for global businesses, ensuring the traceability and trackability of business documents, goods and services with every transaction on our platform.