Business Support Center

JETRO established the BSCP for the purpose of promoting investments from Japan to the Philippines and strengthening industrial and economic relations between the two nations. The BSCP support the business expansion of Japanese investors by means of providing incubator offices which enables them to conduct feasibility studies and business start up activities in the Philippines.

Equipped with a business library, it also functions as a one-stop center for Japanese businessmen in the Philippines by providing relevant investment information that JETRO acquires through close coordination with the relevant Philippine government agencies such as the Board of InvestmentsTo other site and the Philippine Economic Zone AuthorityTo other site.

This facility, located at the JETRO Manila office premises, was established in March 2003, in response to a Philippine government request made by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the Japanese government when she visited Japan in May 2002.

Facilities and Services

• 2 individual office equipped with standard office facilities (desk, chair, telephone, facsimile machine, free internet use, photocopy services, and printing).
• 1 meeting room with a capacity of up to 8 persons.
• Business Library

• Full time consulting service by an investment adviser
• Consultation with specialists on business laws, taxation and labor
• Providing information on Philippine government support and incentives to investors
• Organizing relevant seminars on business and the economic environment

Follow up after the company set-up
• Consultation services in juducial affairs, labor, taxation, etc.
• Hosting business seminars for Japanese-affiliated firms