Creating a circular economy in the e-mobility space


Message from Leadership

Yuki Tan Sime Darby

Yuki Tan
Head of Strategy and Programme Management, Mobility

We are thrilled to participate in the Malaysia-Japan Digital Exchange Pitch programme to promote collaboration with innovative startups in the mobility and automotive space. We are keen to address critical challenges by partnering with companies specialising in battery management/analytics, hydrogen fuel-cell technology, battery recycling/second-life, and new EV charging technologies. Through an ecosystems approach, we can collectively unlock solutions, share knowledge, and drive innovation, propelling the mobility and automotive industry towards a sustainable and transformative future.

Sime Darby's Challenge


Challenge 1: How do we optimise battery performance and extend their lifespan through advanced battery management and analytics technologies?

Challenge 2: How do we address the environmental impact of e-mobility by establishing efficient and cost-effective battery recycling processes, as well as finding innovative ways to repurpose retired EV batteries for second-life applications?

Challenge 3: How do we develop cost-effective EV charging solutions, including mobile charging options, that optimise grid efficiency, minimise strain on the power grid, and provide seamless convenience for users. Intelligent load management, smart grid integration, and energy storage capabilities should be leveraged to ensure eco-friendly and user-friendly charging experiences, promoting wider adoption of electric mobility.

Collaboration Needs

Solution 1: Battery management/battery analytics companies

Solution 2: Hydrogen Fuel-cell vehicle technology and supply chain companies

Solution 3: Battery recycling and second-life companies

Solution 4: New EV charging technology (eg: integrated charger-battery storage solution, mobile charging, peer-to-peer charging network)


There is a potential for joint offerings with the selected startups, where we can combine their innovative e-mobility solutions with our existing portfolio and jointly offer them to our customers, providing a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services. We are interested in embedding promising e-mobility solutions in our portfolio, which could lead to increased visibility and market reach for the selected startups. For startups seeking funding, there is an opportunity to be considered for funding channels through partnerships with us, enabling them to accelerate their growth and development.

Assets/Support Resources and collaboration to develop proof-of-concept pilot programmes, business unit feedback, potential investment opportunities.

Thank you for your submissions!
Only shortlisted finalists will be contacted by the organizers.
Results will be announced on Monday, 25 September 2023

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