Innovative challenge and action contributing to a sustainable society through controlling gas and fluid dynamics


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Chihiro Murashita
New Business
Architecture Department,
Marketing Division,

EBARA was founded in 1912 as Japan's first manufacturer of domestic pumps, and has contributed widely to society by providing superior technology and the best possible service in the fields of water, air, fluid control and the environment. We will use our technology to solve further social issues in Southeast Asia, where population growth is remarkable. We look forward to exploring issues and possibilities for collaboration by sharing our assets, ideas and technologies with a startup's unique perspective.

Ebara's Challenge


EBARA has been selling pumps for agriculture and petrochemicals to Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, where population growth is remarkable, there might be many issues related to energy, water, and food that support people's lives. To address these issues, we would like to do new business with a startup that has technological synergy with our company.

Collaboration Needs Collaboration with a startup that uses technology to control water, air, and other fluids to address issues such as natural disasters, food problems, ocean pollution, and climate change.

Opportunity to hold discussion for business collaboration.


Pumping and controlling flow of gas and fluid such as water. Monozukuri expertise cultivated over 100 years. Technology development and mass production systems that contribute to business scale-up.

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About Ebara

Established as a pump manufacturer in 1912, the EBARA Group has developed business in the fields of fans and blowers, chillers, environmental plants, and eventually the precision machinery industry, continuing to broaden our business domains throughout our history of over 100 years.

Ebara's core competencies in water management, energy productions, and environmental solutions are technologies that support not just our clients but also our shared global community. We strive to improve our technologies and services as we work towards the sustainable development of society.

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