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Message from Leadership

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Shafinaz Salim
Head, Technology Hub Development Division

As a Tech Hub Developer, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Smart City Challenge, and we are honored to have your organization as a valued participant. As we embark on this transformative journey, we believe that your expertise and innovative solutions will help us shape the future of Cyberjaya. This challenge represents an opportunity to not only showcase your capabilities but also to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of our urban landscape. We look forward to creative solutions that you will bring to the table and are excited to explore potential collaborations that will be a stepping stone towards building a smarter, more connected, and resilient city for the residents of Cyberjaya. Thank you for your commitment and the bright ideas lying ahead.

Cyberview's Challenge


Challenge 1: How do we create a data-driven management environment for water and energy usage, and waste disposal in the city?

Challenge 2: How do we create smart buildings from existing tenanted buildings that integrates with the current city infrastructure?

Collaboration Needs

Solution 1: Solution that can address data-driven management needs on water and energy usage, and waste disposal in the city.

Solution 2: Smart building solutions that can be retrofitted into existing tenanted buildings of different types and architectures.


- Opportunity to facilitate the connection with interested parties for the solutions.

- Opportunity to create pilot project in Cyberjaya for the solutions.


- Facilitation to develop pilot project in Cyberjaya including the liaison with the municipal council.

- Facilitation with other stakeholders that might be interested with the solutions.

Thank you for your submissions!
Only shortlisted finalists will be contacted by the organizers.
Results will be announced on Monday, 25 September 2023

About Cyberview

Cyberview has been at the forefront of Malaysia's development as a technological hub since its inception in 1996. Starting out as the landowner of Cyberjaya, it has grown from strength to strength, until maturing into its current role as the tech hub developer of Cyberjaya.

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