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19-Sep-2018 to 22-Sep-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Medicines & Healthy Foodstuff, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, Hospital furnitures & Equipment.

26-Sep-2018 to 30-Sep-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

All kinds of products & service in the fields of construction, architecture & real estate.

4-Oct-2018 to 7-Oct-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Blow Molding Machinery, CHEMICALS AND RAW MATERIALS, Coating compounds, Extruders AND extrusion lines, Extruders, Printing Machinery, HEAT AND CONTROL EQUIPMENT, HYDRAULIC AND PNEUMATIC, Injection Machinery, Molds & Dies, Plastic & Rubber Processing Machinery, Raw Materials.

11-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

The Most Comprehensive Event on Manufacturing Robots, Software, Solutions, and SI in ASEAN

11-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Surface Mount Technology Equipment and Services, Test and Measurement Equipment and Services, Electronics Manufacturing Services, Electronics Components and Mobile Phone Components, Flat Panel Display Module and Application, Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturing Technology, others.

11-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Machine Tools and Machining Centers, EDM Machine, Sheet Metalworking, Welding Technology, Factory Automation, Pump & Valve, Material Handling, Mould & Die, Foundry, Wire, Tube, Cable Technology, Metrology/ Control Measurement, Tools and Tooling, Surface Treatment, Fluid Power.

16-Oct-2018 to 18-Oct-2018

Hanoi / Vietnam / Asia

Cutting Tools & Tooling Systems, Die Casting Machines, Tools and Accessories, Manufacturing System, Steel, Plastics, Measurement and Inspection System, Moulds & mould standards.

1-Nov-2018 to 3-Nov-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Premium Coffee & Tea, Ingredients, Coffee & Tea Related Products, Machinery & Facilities, Desserts, Education & Consulting

7-Nov-2018 to 9-Nov-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Air Pollution Control Equipments / Biological Waste Water Systems / Bio Ceramic Water / Boiler Water Treatment / Demineralization / Drinking Water Quality Analysis / Industrial Water Treatment / Oxidation Ditch / Rainwater Management etc.

8-Nov-2018 to 12-Nov-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Pearl, Diamond and Gemset Jewelry, Semi-Finished Jewelry, South Sea Pearls & Tahiti Pearls, Wedding Jewelry, Bejeweled Watch, Brand Name Watches, Jewelry Tools & Equipment.

21-Nov-2018 to 24-Nov-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

textile & garment accessories, textile & garment machinery & accessories, Bleaching and washing machines, Dry-cleaning equipment, Chemical and dyes, Cloth processing Machinery and Accessories, Embroidery equipment.

28-Nov-2018 to 30-Nov-2018

Hanoi / Vietnam / Asia

Food & Drink, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery & Food Service Equipment, Supplies & Services

5-Dec-2018 to 8-Dec-2018

Hanoi / Vietnam / Asia

- Construction & Mining machinery & equipment
- Transport infrastructure (machinery, equipment, vehicles & parts,...)
- Technology & services
- Building materials

6-Dec-2018 to 8-Dec-2018

Hanoi / Vietnam / Asia

Laboratory and Analysis Equipment, Medical equipment and materials used in hospitals, Medicines, Food Supplement, Drug raw materials, Pharmaceutical processing and packaging machines, Medical Eye care, Dental units, etc.

12-Dec-2018 to 14-Dec-2018

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia


28-Feb-2019 to 2-Mar-2019

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Parts & Components, Electronics & Systems, Accessories & Customising, Repair & Maintenance, Dealer & Workshop Management, Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning, Alternative Drive Systems & Digital Solutions, REIFEN (New Tyre sector).

6-Mar-2019 to 9-Mar-2019

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

All kinds of furniture cover a wide range from living room,bed room, dining room, bathroom furniture to outdoor, office furniture and other related products.Interior furnishing and accessories. Woodworking machinery & equipment.

13-Mar-2019 to 15-Mar-2019

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Growing technologies, Greenhouse technologies, Storage, cooling and quality preservations for fresh produce, Horticultural Technology, Nurseries and landscape design, Services

19-Mar-2019 to 21-Mar-2019

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia

Packaging Machinery, Brewing and Beverage Technology, Confectionery Equipment, Cosmetic & Personal Care Processing and Packaging, Food Processing Machinery

27-Mar-2019 to 29-Mar-2019

Ho-Chi-Minh City / Vietnam / Asia


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