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BMWs Coping with a Changing Environment in the Automobile Sector

– Chances for Cooperation for Japanese Companies

organizer:Consulate-General of Japan in Munich,JETRO München

The environment in the automobile sector is characterized by technological innovations in areas like e-mobility, automation, connectivity and sharing and is rapidly progressing. It is a period of changes and revolutions occurring only once in a hundred years, it is said. At the same time, these changes may constitute new chances for supplier companies in the automobile industry. Changes include automobile manufacturers being suddenly confronted with fierce competition with regard to innovation and looking for partners cooperating in developing new technologies, but also changes caused by the corona pandemic which forced to companies to recognize once again the importance of worldwide supply chains.


The seminar will feature lecture speeches on how BMW – one of the major players of the European automobile industry – is planning to cope with these changes and how BMW is going to cooperate with Japanese companies in dealing with the changing environment. We would be happy about an eager participation on your part.

■Date and Time:

10:00-11:10(CET), Wednesday, April 28,2021


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17:00 April 23, 2021(CET)

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