JETRO’s Invest Japan Business Support Center provides support to innovative foreign companies with the latest market information to help them in designing their Japan market entry strategy. We would like foreign companies to explore Japan as their investment destination and be catalyst in transforming the Japanese ecosystem for the better.

For our next online seminar, we will invite Ms. Yoshino Misawa, Mr. Ryokichi Watanabe and Ms. Jessica Ho from Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd(MEC). They will provide an insightful overview of real estate industry in Japan and introduce the Open Innovation activities of MEC.
Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 5pm-6pm (JST)/8am-9am (GMT)
Free of charge
1. About Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd
2. Areas of Focus~Innovation from Japan~
3. Q&A
Companies that are keen in open innovation between foreign companies and Japanese companies.
※Companies participating with an intention of only gathering information shall be ineligible for this event. Please note that we may not send the information for the seminar to those companies.
・Tech companies with products and services that are relevant and/or applicable to the real estate industry
・Tech companies with creativity and expertise in sustainable energy and/or smart city that are applicable in the development and management of real estate asset
・Tech companies in various fields with knowledge, experience and/or products on enhancing user and tenant experience in the real estate industry
・Tech companies who are looking for open innovation and networking opportunities with Japanese companies and startups
・Tech companies with a down-to-earth mind that are passionate about making people happy through real estate
Invest Japan Business Support Center, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

Yoshino Misawa / Senior Manager

Office Leasing & Tenant Relations Department
Client Strategy Planning Department
Yoshino is a senior manager at Mitsubishi Estate Group. She currently oversees leasing operations, and develops new real estate ideas and services. She has extensive experiences in building operational management and area management, including opening preparations and various event promotion in CBD of Japan. Yoshino previously worked as a corporate sales at a financial institution in Tokyo and at real estate companies in London and attained a Master in Education in Bristol, the U.K. Since college days, one of her fields of interest is to pursue a genuinely enriched way of life in a working environment and to create a more prosperous future through real estate.

Ryokichi Watanabe / Manager

International Business Planning Department & DX Promotion Department
Ryokichi entered Mitsubishi Estate in 2008. After working in Investment Management Department as one of its founding members, he was transferred to Corporate Planning Department in 2011 and engaged in strategy planning, decision-rule making, M&A etc.

Ryokichi was selected as a company-sponsored program student and obtained his MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business as the class of 2019. Currently, he takes charge of group-wide budget planning and portfolio management in International Business Planning Department. He also has a role in DX promotion Department and propels DX projects related to IoT platform service and exploring open innovation opportunities. Outside of work, Ryokichi enjoys running and has been running for at least 30 minutes every single day for more than 15 years.

Jessica (Cheuk Fei) Ho / Associate

Global Marketing and Promotion Office
Office Leasing and Tenant Relations Department
Jessica is an associate in the Global Marketing and Promotion Office in Mitsubishi Estate. She engages in office leasing activities and relations development with clients inside and outside of Japan. She also participated in planning and development of new real estate services in central Tokyo.

Before joining Mitsubishi Estate in 2019, Jessica obtained a Master of Engineering from University College London, with a focus in nanotechnology, communication, motion analysis etc. As shown by her extensive international experience in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the U.K., Canada and now, Japan, she is passionate about exploring new countries and new cultures. With the current COVID-19 situation, she has put her oversea travel plans on hold and, instead, focused on indulging herself with Tokyo’s unique local culture.
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