Welcome! HOKKAIDO, Japan. Introducing Hokkaido's Food to the World

As autumn deepened in Hokkaido, a group of Ms. International contestants visited Hokkaido.
They tried various local food, including sweets, and promoted the slogan “Welcome! HOKKAIDO, Japan,” to the world. Various efforts are being made in Hokkaido to boost tourism that has been impacted by the earthquake, including unique PRs such as “Tokachigawa Onsen is NOT Okay.” The community of Tokachi is now on a mission to export raclette cheese that uses local hot spring water in the making process. They participated in a trade fair in Taiwan for the first time to promote cheese and other Hokkaido products. How were their products received? Our camera followed their efforts to appeal Hokkaido to inbound tourism and export business through Hokkaido’s unique and wonderful food.

English Subtitles (Released on December 6, 2018)