Promoting Authentic Japanese Wine to the Home of Wine - The Challenges of Koshu Wine -

Foreign buyers who gathered at a trade fair held in London, the world’s “information center” of wine, highly valued a wine made from indigenous Japanese grapes called “Koshu.” The history of Koshu wine dates back to the Meiji period (1868-1912). Yamanashi Prefecture is home to many wineries and is a major production region of Japanese wine. There is a significant demand for wine in Japan today, but for years, wineries have strived to produce high-quality wine that isn’t affected by temporary booms. Recently, wineries have begun promoting their products in London. Their efforts paid off, and in 2010, Koshu grapes became the first Japanese wine grape to be allowed to write the variety name on the label when exporting to Europe. The program covered Koshu wine’s promotional challenges in Europe, the home of wine, and around the world.

English Subtitles (Released on August 23, 2018)