Reviving a Tuna-famous Town through “Maguro” -The Branding Strategy of Misaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture-

Due to the worldwide sushi boom, demand for tuna is on the rise. But for companies that deal with tuna, they face the task of differentiating their tuna from other production regions. In Spring 2018, Japan’s first wholesale market devoted to frozen tuna was opened in Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, known for the “Misaki Maguro” brand. By strictly controlling the temperature and preserving the quality from landing to shipment, they aim to strengthen their brand. Wholesalers realize the importance of promoting their carefully selected fish overseas not as “tuna” but as “maguro.” Meanwhile, the local Keikyu Line sells a tourism train pass by collaborating with local restaurants to boost inbound tourists. The camera followed one local area’s efforts to revitalize the port and increase exports through their local specialty.

English Subtitles (Aired on May 24th, 2018)