Spreading the Appeal of Tokoname Ware Overseas – Expanding Sales with the Association –

Tokoname, a city in Aichi Prefecture, has a long history and tradition of ceramic crafts, and is the site of one of Japan’s six ancient kilns. Their ceramic teapots hold the top market share domestically, but low brand awareness among consumers has been a big issue, since shifting from producing teapots to building materials such as clay pipes and tiles after the Meiji Era. Meanwhile, most kilns are small family-owned businesses that lack the manpower and know-how to develop and expand sales on their own. To tackle this problem, the Tokoname-yaki Cooperated Association has begun providing assistance to export their products overseas. That includes setting up business meetings and acting as a go-between for kilns that are unable to. The camera followed the new efforts of one production region.

English Subtitles(Aired on January 17th, 2018)