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Interview of Suppoter Stores Ristorante Tokuyoshi

Michelin One-star Restaurant Serving Truly Original Dishes Made with Carefully Selected Ingredients

Milan / Italy

Mr. Yoji Tokuyoshi, a globally renowned chef/restauranteur

Winning one star in the Michelin Guide soon after opening in February 2015, Ristorante Tokuyoshi has been a focus of public attention as a representative restaurant that satisfies Milanese gourmets. Such a high reputation is a natural consequence of the superior skills of Mr. Yoji Tokuyoshi, the chef and owner of the restaurant, who worked for nine years as sous-chef at Osteria Francescana in Modena, which was ranked top among Italian restaurants in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.
Despite his busy work schedule, Mr. Tokuyoshi takes all opportunities to give lectures at the World Cuisine Academic Meetings and participate in events worldwide in order to energetically share his original and creative views on cuisine with a wide audience.
Ristorante Tokuyoshi serves dishes that embody the chef’s great expertise, using carefully selected ingredients from around the world and accurate cooking techniques. The restaurant features Italian dishes created by the Japanese chef from his original ideas based on his familiarity with traditional food cultures around the world and his long cooking experience in Italy. It has continued fascinating Italian guests, as well as guests from outside Italy, who visit it to savor the excellent dishes.

Pizza beyond expectation, made with rice grown in Niigata, Japan

You can choose from two types of multi-course meals and à la carte dishes, which are designed to enable guests to try interesting combinations of ingredients and have a new encounter with food. An example is fritti (fries), which are served for guests to eat with their fingers, instead of cutlery, with the aim of enabling them to enjoy not only the dish’s flavor but also the pleasant way of having it. Another example is pizza made with the Shinnosuke rice grown in Niigata, Japan. The pizza is prepared by making dough with the rice and tapioca flour, rolling it out thinly, and drying and frying it. The crispy dough is topped beautifully with slices of unboiled ham, and cream with eggplant and mushroom, and is served in a pretty box under the name of “Chef's Kimagure Pizza” (Pizza Cooked as the Chef Likes). The Shinnosuke rice is also used for risotto. The restaurant staff explain to Italian guests that the risotto is made with rice suitable for sushi. The dish is popular among risotto lovers. The entire grain of the Japanese-grown rice is of uniform quality, so it not only tastes good but it can also be cooked al dente entirely, instead of being cooked so only in its center. The chef is also in favor of this rice variety, saying: “Shinnosuke rice tastes better than the famous Carnaroli rice grown in Italy, and is more suitable to make beautiful risotto because its grains are not easily broken.”

A lineup of quality beverages, which represents the chef’s commitment

Ristorante Tokuyoshi is located along a quiet street branching off from Corso Genova near the Naviglio Grande (canal) in Milan. Opening the door, you can see on your left hand a wall covered with shelves of bottles of sake, Japanese-made whiskey, and shochu spirits. You may not only enjoy sake as it is, but also savor yamahai-jikomi sake, which features a rich flavor and aroma, in an atsukan (hot-sake)-like style, mixed with a hot Italian-style broth of duck. Furthermore, different kinds of broths are served in combination with different types of sake, to provide guests with a wider variety of flavors.
Fortunately, thorough explanations given by the service staff to guests about sake have resulted in a gradually increasing number of Italian guests ordering sake. Some multi-course meals are also served in combination with suitable types of sake at guests’ requests, attracting more and more fans. The restaurant will broaden its lineup of Japanese-made beer, whiskey and shochu varieties. The chef/restauranteur also aspires to introduce to European people the deliciousness of Japanese-made wine, including Niseko wine produced in Hokkaido.

Timeless attitude toward pursuing the highest quality in all

Among the carefully selected Japanese-grown ingredients used at the restaurant is Wagyu beef produced in Kyoto. The restaurant currently uses the Wagyu beef for handmade pasta and oyster risotto. The chef explains, “We use the beef as a kind of alternative to lardo (lard), which is matured back fat of pork often used in Italian dishes, or guanciale, processed pork cheek meat, to add the rich flavor of fat to the dishes.” Containing fat that melts at low temperature, Wagyu beef is soft, rich in flavor, and full-bodied. It has met with a favorable reaction from Italian gourmands for the lighter feeling of its fat than the fat of Italian-grown beef.
In addition to Wagyu beef, the chef is also keenly aware of other quality ingredients from Japan, including rich-flavored fresh seafood in particular. He is also looking forward to specialty products of Tottori Prefecture, his hometown, including Matsuba crabs (snow crabs), abalones, Nijisseiki pears, and other fruits, being imported to Italy.
Fully enjoy magical dishes originated by Mr. Tokuyoshi at the restaurant with a calm and comfortable forest-like atmosphere created by dark green walls, as well as a unique long wood counter and spaciously arranged tables.

Ristorante Tokuyoshi
Via San Calocero 3 - 20123 Milano
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