Japanese Food and Beverage Showroom

Interested in finding high quality Japanese food products? Allow Jetro's Japanese Food and Beverage Showroom program to help you connect with food companies in Japan !
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government organization commited to assist Japanese companies interested in exporting products overseas. JETRO support these companies by hosing Showrooms or stock points in major overseas cities and neighboring cities to display, store and manage samples of Japanese agricultural and marine food products.
Buyers can gain the following potential benefits;

  1. Visit JETRO's showrooms to directly find Japanese products.
  2. Arrange online business meetings with Japanese food companies. Interpreters will be assigned by Jetro*. (*China and North America region excluded)
  3. Browse JETRO's onlince catalogue to find Japanese products.

Event Locations

For further information, Please contact us via the link provided in the 'Contacts' section below.

city showroom period other
China throughout year
Hong Kong 2024/10-2025/1
Taiwan 2024/10-2025/1
Soul 2024/11-2025/3
Hanoi 2024/8-2024/9
Kuala Lumpur 2024/10/24-20/26
Singapore 2024/10/24-20/26
New Delhi
North Europe
North America 2024/8-2025/3
São Paulo