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Selected projects of "Subsidy for Projects to Stimulate Direct Investment in Japan"

Jun 17, 2024

We would like to announce that the following projects have been selected and demonstrated for  "Subsidy for Projects to Stimulate Direct Investment in Japan".

Total 15 projects

Company Name Company Size Project Name
VitaNet Japan, Inc. SMEs Digital Advanced Authentication Services for Mobile App In-Store Micro-Targeted Marketing
LIXIL Corporation large The project of improving productivity fabricators in the front sash business.
Rita Technology Corp. SMEs Demonstration of e-sports commercialization of a remote waste sorting game for the purpose of solving labor shortage in the waste treatment field, educating the general public, and creating a community.
Health care
Company Name Company Size Project Name
Super Genius Aitek SMEs The project of Non-contact Lactate and Other Physiological Data Measurement for Athlete Training and General Health Management in the Field of Health Management
FathomX Japan K.K. SMEs The Project of Proof of Concept for AI-Enhanced Tomosynthesis in Breast Cancer Screening for Improved Diagnosis in the Medical Imaging Field
MiRXES Japan Co., Ltd. SMEs Project to development and validate a novel non-invasive cancer biomarker screening test service in Japan
MedBank Co., Ltd SMEs The project on the development of an AI system for supporting pathological diagnosis of lung cancer
Green Tech
Company Name Company Size Project Name
ICMG Co., Ltd. SMEs Feasibility study on “CO2 as a Service” in Japan using Aircapture’s DAC technology
NeuralX LLC SMEs Demonstration for AI-Based Biomass Estimation and Behavioral Analysis in Aquaculture
NoMy Japan Inc. SMEs The project of the business feasibility for mycelium based product in collaboration with the food processing industries
Company Name Company Size Project Name
Xtran Inc. SMEs Demonstration in the Japanese market for the introduction of automated green slow mobility in the mobility sector
DM2C Studio Co., Ltd. SMEs The project of web3 technology and incentive granting to solve the problem of decreasing number of drivers in the cab and logistics fields.
Company Name Company Size Project Name
Nayax k.k. SMEs Development and demonstration of a global POS terminal for cashless and IT-enabled unattended machines in the fintech sector for introduction in Japan
Food Tech
Company Name Company Size Project Name
Wada FoodTech Co., Ltd. SMEs Hot-chain Logistics Solution Platform for Foodservice Industry to Improve Food Safety and Tackling Labour Shortage
Company Name Company Size Project Name
North Energy Inc. SMEs Project to promote renewable energy usage through vertical double sized solar equipment in regions with heavy snowfall.