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The filter is mightier than the pen

More than 60 years ago, the predecessor of Vantech Co., Ltd was Kabutogi Manufacturing Co., Ltd, which forayed into manufacturing fountain-pen nibs. Machines pressed out the metal parts but assembly was done by hand, so when mass production by larger pen-makers took over, the company decided to switch over to metal filters. "We were able to use the same machines," explains Toru Oshima, Vantech's current CEO.

Some years later, the decision has proven a wise one: the company ships some three million filters every month, and Vantech's share in the Japanese domestic market is around 50 percent. Oshima says Vantech filters are used the most in air-conditioning, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems for cars.


Vantech President Toru Oshima


Vantech's metal mesh in various sizes

Speed, service and quality

Vantech might not be the only company producing filters, but Oshima points to a key distinction. "We distinguish ourselves with our ability to provide a quick response to customers," he says. In one example, other suppliers had turned away a client with an urgent mass order of 200,000 parts. Oshima says the norm is to request one or two months' turnaround-Vantech was able to complete the order in less than two weeks.

And Vantech also adds value thanks to outstanding quality control rubber-stamped with ISO9001 certification. During production, units are first measured carefully to verify size. Products are then checked every subsequent hour for possible discrepancies. Finally, each individual piece is visually inspected before shipping.


A machine punches out metal mesh

Keeping down costs

Cost remains a challenge, as countries with lower labor expenses can offer similar goods for much cheaper. For that reason, Vantech is implementing various initiatives to reduce costs, automating production in Japan where possible and shifting hand as-sembly to factories mainly in China and Thailand. In 2014, the firm also built a factory in Bangladesh due to commence operation soon.


All products are individually inspected before shipping

Getting global

Oshima hopes Vantech's quality filters can be brought to use in more countries around the world. Not only are company representatives hitting up global trade exhibitions, the company is also bringing in more foreign employees to facilitate inquiries from customers outside Japan. Currently, Thai, Chinese and Nepalese employees work in the headquarters, and there are also employees working with English skills.

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