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TECNISCO specializes in precision glass wafers for semiconductor devices for the life science industry

Microfluidic devices can be used in drug discovery and DNA research, and semiconductors power every aspect of our digital lives. In this dynamic and competitive market, constant improvement of the technology and performance of products is critical. TECNISCO is using their expertise to help firms manufacture the crucial products used for medical investigation or building delicate sensors.

"Our mechanical expertise gives us an edge.” “Cross-edge” microprocessing, that is. TECNISCO, LTD., a processing service provider established in 1970, is reaching across Japan and the seven seas. They specialize in developing precision components, particularly “through glass via” (TGV) glass wafers for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and microfluidic structures for biotechnological devices.

Their “Cross-edge” microprocessing technique combines five processing stages: cutting, grinding, polishing, metalizing, and bonding. TECNISCO’s engineering team are typically involved in their clients’ R&D and the early stage of their product design, as their technology is critical in pushing the boundaries of their clients’ product performance. The company is able to fully customize each of the five production stages to tailor each structured glass wafer order specifically to best fit clients’ requirements. Thanks to their engineers’ expert knowledge and striving to deliver, TECNISCO are constantly successful in cutting lead time, reducing defect ratio and therefore assuring the best cost-performance services.

A detail of one of TECNISCO's microfluidic glass products, which feature excellent thermal and chemical resistance, courtesy of TECNISCO, Ltd.

The through glass via (TGV) is ideal for miniaturizing semiconductor devices, courtesy of TECNISCO, Ltd.

Relentlessly Pursuing Increased Efficiency

“I was an engineer and could not speak English when I was moved to the overseas department,” says overseas marketer Ryosuke Kanai. While juggling regular duties he set aside time to study, and today he is a key asset in communicating with clients overseas.

At the moment, the MEMS field is limited in Japan, leading TECNISCO to seek major players abroad in the US and Europe. They hold patents both in Japan and abroad for their TGV products. For their achievements in TGV construction they won Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun ’s(one of Japan’s newspapers) Mono Zukuri Award, a commendation by the government for particularly outstanding achievements involving craftsmanship and manufacturing, known in Japanese as "monozukuri". Kanai states that this recognition is due to their relentlessness in improving minute details that “make better processes and increase efficiency.”

Focusing on Technologies That Improve People's Lives

TECNISCO believes they will only strengthen from here. “We are constantly developing our business behind non-functional glass wafers to provide functional products such as TGV and microfluidic chips. We are looking to expand globally and target MEMS makers in markets such as the life science market (including DNA sequencing, drug screening, in-vitro, and implants), safety sensors in the automotive industry (such as gas pressure, fuel control, and air bags), or sensors in chemical manufacturing. We focus on these areas not just for business prospects, but to improve people’s lives.”

Based on interview in February 2016

TECNISCO Overseas Marketing Department, Ryosuke Kanai

Website: TECNISCO, LTD.external link