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Putting people at ease since 1919

Whether working or playing, sinking into a cushion or futon made by Takaokaya is to sit in the lap of luxury. Takaokaya products have almost 100 years of history blending functionality and beauty.

In 1919, Tokutaro Takaoka launched a futon manufacturing factory in southern Kyoto for this region's long-established department stores. Since then, for more than 90 years, Takaokaya has produced futons and zabutons (floor cushions) for better sleep and relaxation of people in Kyoto. Today, Koichiro Takaoka is Takaokaya's third-generation president, poised to take the company into its hundredth year. And during all those years, Takaokaya products have been handmade with pride.


CEO Koichiro Takaoka with Takaokaya's signature Ojami cushions


A craftsperson in the workroom cuts cushion fabric by hand

Design innovation, handmade production

Takaokaya's products are distinctive, and the informed eye can identify many items right away. For example, the company's signature Ojami cushion has a unique shape reminiscent of the otedama-a traditional beanbag toy for juggling. Another interesting product is the Gorone mat. This small-sized futon (65cm x 165cm)is intended especially for flopping down on the floor for a midday nap. It can then be compactly rolled away until the next wave of sleepiness descends.

Takaokaya's workroom features a team of artisans busy making each piece by hand. The craftspeople cut the sumptuous fabric. Then they stitch, stuff and tassel the cushions with an expert eye, deft touch and a sense of accomplishment coming from years of confident craftsmanship. Some artisans kneel on the very same cushions while making more. The workshop holds a dazzling array of rich fabrics, including Kyoto's native Nishijin silk, woven just a few kilometers away. This is no mass-production facility-each piece takes time and care. The 23-person company is proud of its strong customer-service commitment, from the availability of custom-made pieces to excellent everyday craftsmanship, to quick and skillful repairs.


Collaboration between Takaokaya and HELMi nordic line

Kutsurogi means comfort


Cozy up with cushions of all sizes

Traditionally, people in Japan save their most plush, beautiful things for guests. While the folks at Takaokaya believe in that spirit of generous hospitality, they hope you might say, "That one's for me." In making products both functional and beautiful, the firm strives to help customers not only relax but elevate their mood with lovely, stylish, well-made things. Takaokaya's products make a seamless transition from traditional to modern life: the cushions and bedding can be used as much as for enjoying tea on the tatami floor as for sprawling on the sofa with a magazine.

Takaokaya's products epitomize kutsurogi: comfort, relaxation and making yourself at home. Treat yourself-bring a little piece of stylish Kyoto comfort into your life.