Hope springs eternal Satte Spring Co., Ltd.

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Never give in

In 1983, Hiroshi Sugai resurrected his family spring-making business in the form of Satte Spring Co. With in-depth knowledge and a collection of high quality machinery, the company hit the cutting-edge of precision spring manufacturing. More than 30 years later, the third generation of the Sugai family is now involved. Managing Director Riki Sugai takes care of the day-to-day while CEO Toshiyuki Sugai oversees Satte Spring's branch in Kunshan, China. And founder Hiroshi remains involved as chairman. Driven by the Sugai family's never-give-up spirit, Satte Spring continues to spring forward into the future.


Satte Spring is a world leader in the production of tiny springs

The secret life of springs

Though you might not see them, springs are everywhere. They're working behind the scenes in countless industries, from automotive to medical, electronics to heavy machinery.

With such broad applications, spring size varies considerably-and most makers just produce one. Satte Spring, however, is adept across the spectrum, manufacturing springs from 0.014 millimeters in wire diameter all the way to 12mm-the widest range in the industry. With only one producer capable of such a range, clients eliminate the hassle of dealing with various companies for one order, relying entirely on Satte Spring's know-how and work ethic.

Satte Spring is particularly famous for its small springs. The 0.014mm variety is the smallest in the world, using a wire barely visible when threaded into the spring-making machinery. So small they could be confused with a mechanical pencil's lead, these are integral parts of certain medical devices.


Managing Director Riki Sugai, third generation of the Satte Spring family

Showing what they're made of

Strong, resilient materials are bread and butter to Satte Spring. For medical applications, Satte Spring uses a titanium-tantalum alloy, which not only has excellent biocompatibility but is stronger than conventional gold-platinum-and much more cost-effective.

Satte Spring is one of the few companies capable of working with SWOSC-VHR oil-tempered wire, an incredibly strong, heat-resistant wire extremely difficult to use and even acquire. The company also uses Udimet 520, another alloy with outstanding heat resistance, plus tungsten, aluminum and more, providing clients with plenty of choice.


At 0.014mm in diameter, the wire in Satte Spring's smallest spring is thinner than human hair


Medium- and large-size springs also form part of Satte Spring's range

Beyond cylinders

In addition to cylindrical wire springs, Satte Spring is skilled at machining complex shapes: rectangular wire-coil springs, flat-leaf springs and other custom springs. This machining skill, combined with its ability to reach a nearly impossible-to-attain spring index of between D/d 2.3 and D/d 75-broader than the usual range of D/d 4 to D/d 20 ("spring index" being the correlation between the diameter of a spring and the diameter of its wire, a relationship which determines a spring's strength) -puts it at the forefront of spring innovation and a step ahead when it comes to solving clients' problems. And that's really what Satte Spring is all about-helping clients reach their goals with speed, accuracy and a never-give-up attitude.