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Defying convention

Established in 1976 and based in Hiroshima Prefecture, RENIAS CO., LTD. develops, designs, manufactures, and sells parts for transport equipment and special vehicles as well as security products.

RENIAS defies convention by transforming the impossible into reality, as seen in its quest to both strengthen and lighten polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate outperforms acrylic, vinyl chloride and polystyrene for impact resistance, and is vastly lighter than glass. On top of this, polycarbonate demonstrates excellent property stability in a wide temperature range (-40℃ to 125℃). RENIAS's unique polycarbonate production system uses a 4,000-ton injection-compression molding machine that results in significantly lower residual stress than conventional injection molding machines.


President and CEO, Toru Maeda


RENIAS utilizes custom-built machinery for superior PC products

Enhancing Performance

Utilizing the latest technologies to process lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum into vehicle parts, RENIAS serves most construction machinery makers in Japan as well as global giants such as Caterpillar Inc. RENIAS provides rain visors, hatch roofs and slide windows for heavy construction machinery as well as bulletproof protective shields for the National Police Agency. Tested with live cartridges, RENIAS's polycarbonate shield meets the stringent National Institute of Justice Standards (NIJ-STD-0108.01).

RENIAS' super-hard coated polycarbonate offers superior performance. RENIAS creates a thin super-hard coat membrane by photo-chemically modifying the surface, producing a surface nearly as hard as glass. Windows and hatches are an indispensable part of heavy machinery and until now, the roof panel of an excavator was a metal sheet, meaning the operator couldn't see what was above. RENIAS has revolutionized this aspect of construction machinery, increasing visibility and reducing accidents.

Prototype electric full-flat bus

RENIAS supplies windows and parts for high-end vehicles like the famous Shinkansen bullet trains in addition to concept buses and electrical vehicles. The environmentally friendly Electric Full-Flat Bus (ELFB) prototype was completed in April 2011 as a joint development venture between Kanagawa Prefecture, Keio University and Isuzu Motors.


PC windows are lighter and decrease energy consumption


RENIAS' plastic-resin windows are in high demand among high-performance vehicle makers

Meeting international standards for operator protection

RENIAS's polycarbonate products fulfill the stringent conditions required for ISO 3449-2005 FOPS and ECE R43 standards (including requirements for flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and head-impact tests). The former ensures operators have reasonable protection from falling objects while the latter requires uniform provisions regarding safety-glazing materials. With a new branch opening in Tochigi Prefecture in January 2015, RENIAS is expanding its workforce to cope with expanding domestic and overseas demand, hiring both new graduates and experienced employees. RENIAS will continue to supply its revolutionary PC windows for express trains, high-performance vehicles and aircraft, targeting new niche markets both in Japan and overseas.

Website: RENIAS CO., LTD.External site: a new window will open.