Precision equipment, made in Japan Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.

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50 years with strength

Established in the Suginami Ward of Tokyo in 1963 by Raitaro Muramatsu, Miruc Optical Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing optical equipment and precision machine tools for more than 50 years. Its first product, the Measure Scope of a monoscopic microscope used in industrial manufacturing remains a strong seller today.


Mircu Optical CEO Hiroaki Muramatsu


The craftsman assembling a Dovetail Stage with skillful handwork

Hand-crafted till the last

All of Miruc's products are hand-assembled by specialists on-site at the company headquarters in Hachioji. Its most successful product today is the Dovetail Stage, a sliding device allowing for precise positioning of tools. This handy implement is useful across a variety of applications, from various inspection equipment to production sites. The specialists who put together the stages have an extraordinarily sensitive touch; they can tell a difference of even one micron by hand-that's one thousandth of a millimeter. This makes for an incredibly smooth, strong stage that, unlike overseas products, will never rattle or shake.

New ideas and the relationships

Miruc is currently collaborating with overseas manufacturers with technology., Muramatsu with the global mind realizes that businesses all over the world are strongly making mutual ties . This is often that he's interested in creating new partnerships both domestic and foreign. He's also eager to conduct joint development with other companies to create new products for the industry. Muramatsu knows that while many products are universally used, they can meet each voice of users and change accordingly to the country's culture, flavor, and taste.


Experts assembling Microscope : Craftsmen polishing lenses and inspecting


Employees in the office packing products for shipping, while communicating with each other

Muramatsu says that he has a plan to advance to a new field using Miruc technology that developed over the last half century. He understands his company cannot remain static to survive and that its strengths lie in excellent craftsmanship, constant generation of new ideas and technology, and the willingness to collaborate and try new things. Armed with accumulated knowhow and a creative spirit, Miruc Optical is poised to take on the future.