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What's in a winch?

Just winches-that's what Maxpull Machinery and Engineering Co., Ltd. has been doing for nearly 40 years. Since 1976, it has focused entirely on developing and producing safe, high quality manual and electric winches. With CEO Koichi Ono currently at the helm, Maxpull naturally continues to provide only the best. However, in these times of globalization, Ono has expanded the company's vision. Until now, Maxpull's products have been available internationally via trading companies. But Ono aspires to provide his company's creations directly to interested companies, creating long-lasting partnerships abroad. Toward that end, Maxpull has obtained ISO 9001 and CE certifications for the peace of mind of potential partners.


Maxpull Machinery Co., Ltd. and Engineering CEO Koichi Ono


A Maxpull winch working under extreme conditions in the Antarctic

Winches everywhere

Maxpull has a winch for every need. Winches are broad in their application and numerous in style. They can be light to heavy duty, move horizontally or vertically, and be adapted to high or low-temperature conditions. Maxpull winches are used in numerous industries; they've traveled to the Antarctic with the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition and excavated the ice sheets with ocean research groups to research the climate change of the ancient times. Each usage has required special elements and customizations, which the research and development team of Maxpull has worked diligently to produce. From extreme cold-temperature durability and functionality to saltwater strong, corrosion-resistant parts and casings, the company has risen to the challenge presented by each unique scenario. So, it's only natural that, in addition to a standard catalogue, the firm responds to many custom orders, which in turn drives research and development. Just give Maxpull's experts a scenario and they'll find a way.

Safety first

Using a winch can be dangerous, and if proper safety protocols and systems aren't in place, injury, damage-and even death-can result. Always sensitive to such possibilities, Maxpull equips its winches with safety features like encased gears, mechanical braking systems and rope-anchoring systems, among others. Maxpull is also committed to building its products with the best parts available and to the best specifications, giving Maxpull winches extraordinary strength and endurance. Special ribbing and a stay bolt increase durability, while a large drum circumference protects the rope and lengthens its lifespan. Gears are made of chromium-molybdenum steel, which is carburized and quenched to increase strength. In addition, an ergonomic design increases ease of use. With so much attention to detail, it's no surprise that Maxpull winches last 20 or more years, looking and functioning just as they did when they were brand new.


A variety of specially honed features ensure safety and ease of use


Electric winch used to open and close stage curtains

Winch way from here?

Since 2013, Maxpull has been working to expand its brand abroad, attending its first international trade shows in Thailand and Indonesia, followed by five more around Southeast Asia during 2014. So far, the effort is paying off, with Maxpull finding success in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Over the next several years, the company hopes to expand beyond Asia and into the Americas and Europe. With their commitment to safety and quality, it's only a matter of time before Maxpull winches are lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing great loads worldwide.