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Japanese construction standards for the world

Never underestimate the importance concrete plays in society. From ancient Rome to Tokyo's towering skyscrapers, it is the material upon which many a great human development has been built. With today's increasingly complex and impressive structures, what is needed is a means to ensure that only concrete of the highest quality and durability is used.

Enter Marui & Co., Ltd. based in eastern Osaka. For the past 43 years, it has developed tools to analyze and stress test concrete and soil. Currently headed by president Taketoshi Marui, the company's equipment has been developed in consultation with construction and civil engineering industries as well as with respected academic institutions in Japan and abroad.

Due to the geological instability of the country, Japan has some of the strictest and most advanced building standards in the world. Ensuring that concrete can adhere to those standards means that Marui's machinery is more than capable of meeting and exceeding many international benchmarks. Accuracy and reliability also make Marui & Co. devices ideal tools for research institutes and universities.


Company president Taketoshi Marui


A Marui & Co. concrete sample-grinding machine

Concrete solutions

Marui & Co. produces a selection of advanced factory- and lab-installed equipment. For concrete, it has developed devices that prepare, shape and analyze samples. The company's temperature, pressure and force simulators can all subject the substance to extreme situations. The business has also developed an award-winning portable method for checking the water content of concrete on site to make certain it's perfect before pouring.

Marui & Co. additionally produces tools to test the composition and density of soil and how it will react to the pressure of a massive structure on top of it. These can also measure how it will react in earthquakes or when subjected to heavy rain and wind, to ensure the sites where structures and buildings are to be built can handle the elements.

Made in Osaka's manufacturing heartland

In Japan, private companies, government agencies, as well as educational and research institutions use Marui & Co. products. It exports products to every continent and has partnered with global researchers to further meet the needs of Marui's international customers.

All of the company's products are made in Japan by parts suppliers based in the eastern Osaka region-an area well known for its number of high-quality engineering companies. The pieces and fittings are then assembled, calibrated, and tested at the Marui factory to safeguard the tightly controlled and precise production standards that also keep logistics costs to a minimum.

With the world developing at an ever-increasing pace, precision measuring devices-like the ones produced by Marui & Co.-make for safer, stronger structures and thus a better life for those who live, work and socialize in them.


Products are hand-assembled by skilled technicians in Osaka