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Brushing up on tradition

What do calligraphy and makeup have in common? Both require a good brush for the best results. And nobody knows this better than Takemi Tsuchiya, Koyudo Co. Ltd. managing director. Located in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, Koyudo has been manufacturing shodou (Japanese calligraphy) brushes for 35 years. Recently, the company has started producing high-quality cosmetic brushes by capitalizing on their employees' expert skills.

The area's 200-year long tradition of crafting calligraphy brushes has resulted in it being widely recognized as a regional brand, Kumanofude (Kumano Brush), and represents 80 percent of Japan's total brush output-of which, Koyudo is a top player. While 50 percent of Koyudo's production is still calligraphy brushes, its beauty brushes now comprise the remaining 50 percent. Cosmetic-savvy women in Japan and Asia have come to love Koyudo's makeup and face-cleansing brushes.

Takemi Tsuchiya, managing director of Koyudo Co. Ltd.

Creating makeup brushes with a bear mascot face at Koyudo's factory in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture

Craftsmanship meets innovation

Koyudo's employees take pride in carefully crafting each item by hand in an intricate process that consists of a dozen individual steps. Only the very best raw materials-typically goats' hair imported from China-are used. An eye for precision and a skilled hand, merged with love for this heritage technique and its modern application, result in the perfect brush.

Koyudo is constantly updating their product ranges with unique solutions. It was the first company in the Kumano area to introduce makeup brushes in flower shapes and with imprinted faces. Cat or dog lovers, as well as soccer fans, can all enjoy using brushes that relate to their passions. The company was also the first brush maker in Japan to introduce the heart-shaped cosmetic brush, for which they hold the patent. Among Koyudo's 3,500 bristled items, this funky-looking, pink-colored, soft-touch brush has become their number one seller.

Koyudo's heart-shaped cosmetic brush has become a hit product in Japan and the rest of Asia

Colorful, flower-shaped makeup brushes patented by Koyudo

Popular gifts for many occasions

Koyudo's makeup brushes are sought-after presents in Japan, especially as gift sets with cosmetic items. Visitors to the Hiroshima area don't miss the opportunity to buy a Koyudo brush as a souvenir for themselves or their friends. Koyudo's customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore have already discovered their superior qualities and unique style. As Japan's manga and kawaii (cute) culture gain fans in Europe, Koyudo hopes their brushes will soon find a place in the makeup sets of trend-conscious women in France, Germany, England and elsewhere.

"Superior, hand-made, quality merged with stylishness and 'cool Japan' make our brushes an ideal present for birthdays, Valentine's Day and many other gift-giving occasions," suggests Tsuchiya.

Website: Koyudo Co. Ltd.External site: a new window will open