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1,500 degrees in 0.01 second

Imagine several kilo ampere of electricity heating an area to 1,500 degrees Celsius in a split second. Other than pure lightning, this might seem like something out of science fiction, but Koyo Giken Inc. has developed such technology for high-speed welding applications. Koyo Giken designs and manufactures Myspot, a table spot welder that instantly creates durable, high-quality bonds between metal surfaces at the touch of a button.


Koyo Giken Founder and President Mitoshi Kai


Separating the conjoined pieces will tear metal away from the surrounding areas before the weld itself breaks

Company founder Mitoshi Kai started out as an engineer for Honda Motors subsidiary. After ten very intense years, Kai left to start up his own business with Honda's encouragement. In 1976, he established a company drafting designs for automobile parts and spot jigs, but it was years later-when a customer asked him to develop a spot welder-the direction for the remainder of his business was set.

Two parts heat as one

Koyo Giken now specializes in high-speed, table spot welding that fuses metal up to 3.2 millimeters thick in a fraction of a second. "The two parts in the weld truly become one solid piece," explains Kai. The clean bond is so strong that any attempt to separate the conjoined pieces will tear metal away from the surrounding areas before the weld itself breaks-something the company often demonstrates at exhibitions.

Efficiency and safety

A 1,500-degree temperature notwithstanding, discoloration of the metal doesn't occur as in conventional equipment. The energy is so instantaneous that the surrounding air doesn't burn, and Kai notes an important environmental benefit here: CO2 and other harmful gases aren't released. Clean welds also mean workers don't have to sand down imperfections or distortions in the seam afterward, so it's easy to see how Myspot goes a long way toward increasing efficiency and cleanliness in factories.


Left: Beautiful finish using high-speed welding technique. Right: Welded using conventional technique


Koyo Giken's best-selling 21 Series table spot welder

Equipment anyone can operate

Despite Myspot's incredible power, Kai says the machine is something anyone can operate, regardless of their welding experience. The worker simply selects material and thickness with the machine's touchscreen panel before pressing a button on the welding arm to activate the current. Koyo Giken's best-selling 21 Series features two adjustable arms, one moving along a horizontal axis and the other along a vertical axis, which affords access to hard to reach places.

Already the company has sold nearly 2,200 Myspot machines in Japan and 25 other countries. Koyo Giken has been participating in exhibitions around the world for over 20 years, and Kai says the company will continue to do so to increase their sales towards more users. Kai is confident his equipment is poised to meet the ever-increasing requirements across the globe for protecting the environment and saving energy.

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