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Honing their craft for more than 60 years

Keihin Kogyosho has been in business over 75 years, since 1936 when they started to produce diamond polishing and grinding tools for the aircraft industry. At the vanguard of technology for the time, they were the first company in Japan to produce mounted wheels. Since then, they've expanded to support the automobile and shipbuilding industries as well as electronics, glass and other businesses.

Today, the company operates offices and factories around Japan, making high quality products with the latest expertise. Their domestic and international customer base serves such mammoth clients as Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and Yamaha. The company president, Yumiko Uchida, is the daughter of founder Yutaro Takai, and heads the second generation of diamond wheel and grinding tool production along with her husband, Vice President Toru Uchida.

Toru Uchida, vice president and executive general manager at Keihin Kogyosho

Many pieces of factory equipment are the company's own creation

Precision tools for precision machines

Keihin Kogyosho's customers demand an extreme degree of precision in their manufacturing processes, and the company delivers high-performance tools to that end. Cutting, grinding, honing and polishing tools are used to produce engine parts in planes, ships and automobiles. These tools are produced on site at the company's factories in Japan, using many custom-made pieces of equipment and machinery unique to Keihin Kogyosho.

The products-such as diamond honing stones and cubic boron nitride wheels-are used in cutting and shaping engine pistons, cylinder blocks and gears to an exacting degree of accuracy and smoothness. Though cutting tools are often used for steel, they can also used on stone, glass and ceramics, as well as other metals. Fiber optic cable, for example, requires an extremely clean cut in order to function properly. Fine diamond tools are also used to shape LCDs and optical lenses.


Their excellent standards in producing high quality tools has earned Keihin Kogyosho many awards, including one from the Japanese government's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the development of an efficient grinding stone. Their more than 100 skilled employees are dedicated to making world-class products and developing new technology proudly made in Japan.

The company prides itself on its ability to address specific client needs with outstanding small business-style customer service and individual order capability. Even in an emergency, the company responds quickly and efficiently, making customer satisfaction a major priority. In recent years, Keihin Kogyosho has expanded to serve markets in many new countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. These clients can expect to receive the same degree of precision customer service that the company has provided others for the past 75 years.

High quality diamond/CBN tools