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Okinawa proud

The bountiful Okinawa Prefecture island chain is a jewel in the Pacific, bursting with greenery and boasting a subtropical climate different than the more temperate Japanese mainland. It's here that Kanehide Bio Co. Ltd. has its roots.

A diver harvests mozuku (photo credit: Okinawaken mozuku kyogikai)

Natural mozuku seaweed grows in abundance off Okinawa's shores (photo credit: Okinawaken mozuku kyogikai)

The company thrives in the lush foliage and natural abundance, producing native Okinawan plant-based products that promote a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Established in 1988, the company got its start processing the by-products of sugar cane, a major crop of the area. Mushrooms, seaweed and supplements made from other local crops followed soon after.

Now certified with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as accredited by the Japanese Agricultural Standards organization for organics, Kanehide Bio is proud to offer a variety of safe, clean and healthful products from Okinawa's bountiful land and sea harvests.

Nature's bounty

One of Kanehide Bio's most popular products is fucoidan, a polysaccharide extract from mozuku. This fine, thread-like seaweed is a native Okinawan sea vegetable with five to eight times more fucoidan content than kelp. Fucoidan is recognized by a number of alternative medicine and cancer studies for its immune system supporting qualities as well as its high mineral and fiber content. In addition to its many health benefits, no adverse effects have been found from ingesting a regular supplement of fucoidan.

Mozuku is harvested from February to June and then put through a rigorous processing and sterilization process in Kanehide Bio's gleaming, state-of-the-art facilities. Fucoidan is available as a supplement in several forms: from granulated powder, hard capsules and tablets to liquid suspensions, which are good for the elderly and those who find it difficult to swallow pills.

Processing is performed to exacting standards in the Kanehide Bio factory

Yonaguni choumeisou aojiru helps your healthy daily life

For good health and a long life

Many Okinawans credit their abundant natural resources and healthy diet as contributing factors to their stunning longevity, famous the world over. Kanehide Bio is working hard to spread a little of that Okinawa goodness around with its many healthy products. These are not limited to fucoidan production but include shikuwasa (a small, green citrus fruit used like lemons or limes) juice, Okinawan varieties of turmeric (that have many herbal and therapeutic properties including antioxidant functionality), Agaricus mushrooms (with immunostimulant qualities), and many other medicinal herbs such as verbena (vervain), kumisukuchin (cat's whiskers) and Yonaguni choumeisou aojiru (Japanese green juice). These products are available in a variety of forms including teas, juices and capsule-type supplements.

Kanehide Bio is striving to bring good health to all. As the Okinawans like to say, "Nuchi du takara" or "Life is a treasure."