IP The “IP” mark is used to designate companies which possess intellectual property which has been registered with the Japan Patent Office.

Decoding the Challenges of Online Shopping

AliveCast inc.


QR codes are already used to pull up bus and train timetables, sign up for promotional campaigns, and more. But the ExOrder app seeks to use these monochrome mosaics to streamline the payment process and take the hassle out of both online shopping and making purchases at brick and mortar stores.

Wearable, Functional, Fashionable



Sometimes, it is not enough to simply come up with a product or application that works well. For the devices that we keep closest to us, we often require a more personal connection to our technology. With that in mind AO, LLC, is developing a one-touch wireless recorder that can be worn as jewelry.

Cloud-Based Fraud Detection

Caulis Inc.


Japan-based cyber-security startup Caulis Inc. is using artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud technology to fight account hijacking and identity theft. Its FraudAlert risk detection engine analyzes past user behavior to predict fraudulent access patterns, notifying clients of high-risk accesses and enabling them to implement countermeasures.

Robot Secretaries for All



The ongoing IT revolution is expanding the ways people connect and communicate. Business communication, too, is moving beyond phone and email into social media and beyond. Cofame, Inc.’s newest service enables users to unify and manage all of their business relationships across multiple platforms through a single, AI-enhanced, real-time search function.

Worth Much More Than the Paper It’s Printed On

Content Idea of ASIA Co., Ltd.


Building off one-dimensional barcodes that have been identifying store items since the 1970s, two-dimensional codes such as QR codes used horizontal and vertical geometry to store details such as website links. Now, Content Idea of ASIA Co., Ltd. has gone a step further with a three-dimensional code capable of storing almost a megabyte of data.

A System People Can Bank On



Doreming offers an innovative service that provides businesses with a solid HR platform and enables workers to receive pro-rata payments, easing cash flow problems for those who find themselves trapped by limited salaries and payday loans, particularly in developing countries.

Delivering Faster Market Data

eStijl Co., Ltd.


In the cutthroat world of stock, financial and derivative exchanges, data speed offers an edge over competitors. eStijl Co., Ltd. has developed an ultra-low latency distributed messaging system that can transfer massive amounts of data from exchanges with a latency of just 120 nanoseconds in a multithreading environment.

Find Out How Hot Your Website Is

Glad Cube Inc.


Information about how users navigate websites is crucial to sales companies and marketing agencies – in fact, it is crucial for anyone who depends on a web site for part of their business. Traditionally, most use analysis tools that provide numbers about users and site visits. But Glad Cube, Inc., has developed an alternative, based upon qualitative analysis.

Mapping the Future of Autonomous Navigation

Iwane Laboratories, Ltd.


Iwane Laboratories, Ltd. has worked with highway departments and municipalities to map over 25,000 kilometers of roads in Japan and other countries in Asia. The company is now applying its know-how to the development of 3-D maps for self-driving vehicles, using a process that is vastly cheaper and easier than laser-based mapping.

Jack of All IT

Kobe Digital Labo Inc.


Since its founding in 1995, Kobe Digital Labo Inc. has ridden the leading edge of IT development. From web systems to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, big data analysis and cyber security, its dedicated security solutions, advanced technology and ICT (information and communications technology) business divisions collaborate seamlessly to offer optimum solutions.

Payment as Simple as the Touch of a Finger

Liquid Inc.


Never worry about forgetting your credit card or wallet again. Liquid, Inc. is pioneering a new technology platform that allows consumers to pay with just the touch of their finger. By linking biometrics information to the consumer’s financial account, payment services can be transacted simply and securely.

The Next Generation of App Development

Monaca Inc.


Even as web and mobile applications expand in utility and ubiquity, cross-platform adaptation for different programming languages remains a challenge. Monaca Inc. offers a simple, Cloud-based development environment that enables programs to be created for different languages simultaneously, eliminating the need to recode for different platforms.

Accounting Easy for All

Money Forward, Inc.


Money Forward, Inc. is a fast-growing Tokyo fintech startup that simplifies accounting for both individuals and companies. Downloaded more than 4.5 million times, the Money Forward personal smartphone app has been selected as a Google Play Best App for three years running, while its MF Cloud platform supports more than 500,000 businesses.

Communication on Another Level



Communicating with family and friends through the various video and voice chat applications on the market is convenient, but using them for business often falls short. NEURONET’s Moshi Moshi Interactive is a connectivity platform that combines a diverse set of features, universal compatibility and ease of use for a variety of industries.

A Pattern of Security

Passlogy Co., Ltd.


Online banking and other financial services can be vulnerable to stolen passwords and other hacking. As the world moves towards a more paperless society, protecting vital financial information becomes more important. Passlogy’s “PassLogic” solution combines ease of use with high security, making it more cost-effective and convenient for users.

Harnessing Global Talent

Sekai Lab Pte. Ltd.


“Sekai” is the Japanese word for “world,” and it’s clearly an idea that Sekai Lab Pte. Ltd. takes to heart. The software development company already has 11 offices in 6 countries around the world, and its main office in Tokyo boasts a multinational workforce with employees from 13 countries. The company’s managers see diversity as the key to developing their outsourcing services.

Securing Devices Along the Internet of Things

SELTECH Corporation


It is expected that by 2020, more than 50 billion devices worldwide will be connected through the so-called Internet of Things. But keeping IoT systems free from attack can be a daunting task. SELTECH Corporation specializes in protecting these vulnerable devices and networks, thanks to a product called FEXER OX.

Good Things Come to Those Who Eliminate Waiting



What if there were a way to accurately predict travel time in advance, based on real-time data? SMARTRA technology from T&TIS, INC. goes beyond the capabilities of standard electronic timetables to offer accurate, real-world transit data in real time, meaning you may no longer have to resign yourself to long waits during transit.

Affordable & Efficient Big Data Analytics

toor Inc.


As digital data expands exponentially day by day, finding a meaningful, cost-effective way to analyze that data is essential to businesses worldwide. While the cost of hiring data scientists is prohibitive for many institutions, toor Inc.’s toorPIA data visualization software puts big data analysis within reach for everyone.

Jumpstarting the Internet of Things

Ubiquitous Corporation


Our daily devices are getting “smarter” by the year, as even household appliances are getting online capabilities. But who can wait for an Internet-enabled refrigerator – or car, for that matter – to take its time getting started? Ubiquitous Corporation. has developed a solution with QuickBoot, which drastically cuts restart times for a variety of devices.

Connecting the World, Screen by Screen

V-cube, Inc.


With its Cloud-based, cross-platform services, V-cube, Inc. stands as Japan’s market leader in web conferencing. Its multifaceted web conferencing services are so secure and reliable they’re used not only for long-distance business, training and education, but also enable online loan consultation and remote teller services.