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History and Function

Formed in 1972 as the central research institute of Ito Ham Foods Inc., the second largest ham and sausage manufacturer in Japan, Ibaraki Prefecture’s ILS Inc. is now an independent company in the Otsuka Chemical group under Otsuka Holdings. ILS has become a well-known manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and functional foods in Japan, and through its subsidiary, the American Peptide Company Inc., is one of the global manufacturer of peptide products.

“Hemron” products from ILS Inc.’s functional food lineup

The nutritious liver peptide, “Liver-Hi”


ILS pharmaceutical products have been approved and certified through a strict examination by Japanese authorities and are being used by a number of local physicians. Skilled technicians use state-of-the-art technologies to work on the research and development of both advanced drug delivery systems as well as the production of generic medication—allowing patients to receive effective yet affordable treatment.

Functional Foods

Research activity at the functional food department is focused on the development of functional food ingredients for use in supplements and diet products. The catalog includes Hemron, a naturally derived iron supplement and Liver-Hi, a water-soluble peptide supplement that improves liver function, as well as well-known diet supplements like L-Carnitine and its salts. All products pass a strict quality control and all raw ingredients are traceable, ensuring that only the products with the highest quality are distributed to our customers.

Heme iron, for example, is one of the most popular iron supply in Japan particularly aimed at women who have a higher chance to suffer iron deficiency. It has higher absorption rate and less chance of causing stomach discomfort compared to non-heme iron, leading people to choose Hemron. In order to enlighten consumers on its strong points, ILS has been engaging in a number of PR campaigns targeting mothers-to-be and runners—for whom Hemron is most effective in taking iron. Their customers are companies that are manufacturing and selling health care, sports supplements, and drinks. ILS is looking for more customers willing to devote to the healthy life of the people through business.

Skilled ILS technicians work to ensure the highest quality for its products

ILS Inc. Overseas Planning Section Assistant Chief Aya Ito (left), President Takahiro Ogata (center) and Business and Management Division Manager Kazumi Asaka (right)

The Human Element

Over and above its quality products, the company’s biggest strength is its people. President Takahiro Ogata balances the needs and well-being of his staff with that of the company. He is trying to develop systems and environment for allowing personnel to speak their mind and address problems early before they become too big to reconcile. ILS also has an extremely forward-looking policy towards female employees. There is support available should they choose to have children and they can return to work and continue at their jobs seamlessly when ready. With regular team-building events and an understanding that the people who work there are valuable contributors, ILS encourages employees to do the best work they possibly can to ensure the continued success of the company—as well as maintain the highest quality and standards for their products.

Website: ILS inc.External site: a new window will open.