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A pressing need

Global resources are running out as growing populations demand ever more food, housing and, crucially, water. But how does water get to where it's needed? How do public and private utilities measure output to different areas? How do private companies manage the flow of water in their buildings?

Free innovation

Osaka-based firm ICT (Information and Control Technology) helps answer these questions. Founded by Kenji Takeda in 1991, the company is comprised entirely of engineers and technicians dedicated to developing technologies for the precise monitoring and analysis of information. ICT stands out for its internal structure-it uses no top-down hierarchies. Engineers are given freedom to address problems as they encounter them, and drive development in directions they feel will benefit targeted industries.

Kenji Takeda, ICT founder

ICT promotes its technology in Turkey (pictured) and Romania

The company has developed innovative solutions across various industries including the medical and utilities sector. Its latest technologies are aimed at water management. Engineers have employed the latest ultrasound measuring techniques to determine the rate of water flow through pipes, with an accuracy down to .003 meters per second. And unlike competing products, ICT's meters don't require on-site specialists to install and calibrate them, resulting in less headaches for users.

Large-scale metering

The NINJA is intended primarily for utilities and governments. It can be installed into standard maintenance valves along water grids, and be up and running within 30 minutes. Users can monitor and fine-tune it from a 10.9-cm touchscreen. What's more, there's no need to turn off the water flow to install the NINJA. Water utilities can also network multiple sensors across a large area, receiving all results in a dedicated control room. That means they can create a smart water grid-much like an electrical grid-improving leak detection and minimizing water loss. They can also use the system to determine output from suppliers to the grid.

ICT's water-flow monitoring device, the NINJA

The Caloriena

Medium and small-scale metering

The Caloriena is intended for high-rise buildings, apartments and industrial uses. Unlike the NINJA, it's attached to the outside of pipes. There are other ultrasonic flow meters on the market that mount in the same way, but they usually require technicians to calibrate and adjust them to each pipe. The Caloriena, however, adjusts and calibrates automatically, saving install time and cutting costs. The highly precise Caloriena can also be used to calculate the temperature of water with an accuracy level of ±1℃.

With global water distribution and conservation problems on the rise, ICT's products are two innovative and cost-effective ways to meet humanity's evolving needs.

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