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A wholesome alternative

Fuki Food Institute Co., Ltd. is a business genuinely devoted to your health and well-being. Established in 1969 as a sauce producer and reinvented in 1999 as a health-conscious food product manufacturer, CEO Koshu Okada (also president of the Japan Macrobiotic Association) aims to create natural, healthy and delicious foods to give consumers an alternative to the increasingly artificial fare in stores. Starting with a golden sesame salad dressing and now including sauces, soups and soup stocks, Fuki Food continues to expand its lineup, while always staying true to its health-first philosophy.

CEO, Koshu Okada, aims to provide you with healthy and delicious fare

Fuki Food is famous for its delicious golden sesame dressing

Natural wonders

In all its products, Fuki Food uses only non-GMO, additive-free ingredients, even exclusively using Australian canola oil in its dressings to ensure this fact. Its most representative product, Fuki Food's golden sesame dressing is a great match for many kinds of salads and snacks, with the tantalizing scent of freshly roasted sesame seeds. Its secret is firstly its use of 100% golden sesame seeds which are richer and have more depth of flavor than other sesame seeds. Fuki Food also takes a long time to roast sesame seeds in an iron kiln, then makes paste using their own method. In addition, they do not use any chemical seasonings or preservatives. Lastly, since the dressing is made without water, it's creamy and tasty. It's a fact of life that most kids don't like vegetables, but they have been known to happily crunch on veggies when served with this dressing. For mothers with small children, a secure, tasty dressing like Fuki Food's is always handy.

In September 2013, Fuki Food introduced a macrobiotic line of potage soups: Macrobi Life. Made with a fiber-rich brown rice base, they're light, flavorful and tasty either hot or cold. These soups are made without any animal or dairy products, so they are perfect for vegetarians and vegans. These tasty potage soups are unique to Fuki Food, which has the specialized knowledge of how to develop tasty products using vegetables, with no meat or fish.

Macrobi Life soup flavors: (clockwise from top left) pumpkin, burdock root, carrot and potato

Secret behind the sauce

Though passionate about creating its own products, Fuki Food also works as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). In fact, roughly 60 percent of its business is made up of OEM work, for restaurants, store brands and any other business interested in marketing sauces or dressings under its own name. Their strict attention to their ingredients, knowledge of development for OEM production and flexible production abilities are highly praised by their clients.

Exporting healthy

Currently, Fuki Food products are available in seven countries, with its main overseas business coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China; and with Singapore, Thailand, the US and Brazil rounding things out. Though at present working with trading companies, distributors and retail establishments, Okada dreams of lessening the distance between Fuki Food and consumers. He believes that in this way, consumers will trust that the Fuki Food Institute wants the best for them, and will do its utmost to deliver products that leave them feeling good about themselves-and satisfied.