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Original machines to support manufacturing

Headquartered in Saijo City in Ehime Prefecture, Fujita Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a history of 80 years and operates two factories spanning over 50,000 square meters, producing foundry casting and industrial machine for castings. While Fujita's main customers include domestic giants, its expertise in developing labor- and cost-saving original machines on the factory floor is increasingly in demand throughout Asia and beyond. Since founding an iron-casting foundry in Nihama City in 1936, Fujita has remained loyal to its original corporate mission: "Through iron, we continue to change, contribute and advance." and a slogan of "Change is our challenge, improvement our daily task."

Fujita Manufacturing Co., Ltd. President Shuichiro Fujita

Super GORI NSV100 Semi-Automatic: large grinder of sliding upper and lower wheels

By manufacturers, for manufacturers

Fujita has developed many original machines to support manufacturing businesses, providing semi-automated processes that were once extremely labor-intensive, dangerous, and had an adverse environment of deburring. An example of this is the NSV100 Semi-Automatic, a horizontal spindle surface grinder with vertical slide (in Fujita's Super GORI series), supporting loads up to 100kg. Operating the NSV100 Semi-Automatic is simple: contact the grindstone to the work, press the switch for the table to rotate, and the table rotates automatically for automated edge deburring of the outside (only for circular work). The rotation speed is self-regulating and adjusts according to the size of the burrs. This in turn enables multitasking or multiple-machine work, resulting in a dramatic increase in productivity. President Shuichiro Fujita explains the logic behind developing such machines: "Over the years, we became acutely aware that the traditional process of deburring is incredibly hard work, particularly in the summer months, and in the old days there were some terrible injuries. Fully automatizing deburring machines would make them unaffordable, so semi-automated machines are the perfect compromise." And, Fujita's medium to large-sized 2-axis positioners, such as the NSP 100 and 1000, lighten the load for heavy work such as turning and positioning, providing flexible rotation that improve work efficiency, while curtailing costs and ensuring the safety of its operators.

Chip waste into fuel cuts costs

Fujita also builds tests, and provides dryers and preheaters, cutting costs for both waste disposal and fuel with burner machines that can run on discarded oil or heavy oil, removing the water and oil from the metal tips during the machining process, and returning it to the dissolution material. It can then arid 1t/H of metal tips (FC/FCD chips), which is also designed for easy maintenance throughout. Meanwhile, the Ladle Preheater, which can also be used as a ladle dryer, significantly reduces loss of dissolution power and time by preheating the ladle to over 500 degrees Celsius after a mere 50 minutes of preheating. Fujita also offers a made-to-order ultra-high rigidity vertical lathe machine named "GORILLATHE".

A Ladle Preheater

Fujita Swing Grinder: easy handling and movable by hoist

Expanding better manufacturing methods globally

As a university student, President Shuichiro Fujita worked, deburring for his father. "Motivation to streamline machines and processes can only come from experiencing the jobs for yourself and working out areas of improvement," he says. For the last 80 years, this spirit has continued to drive Fujita Manufacturing's evolution and advancement, leading to reliable products that offer more efficient use of resources, both natural and human. Responding to latent demand in the ASEAN region (beginning with Thai and Indonesia), Fujita Manufacturing continues to pursue global development, leveraging its original machines born on the factory floor to help companies' worldwide implement safer, more efficient and more sustainable manufacturing.