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Companies invited to CEATEC are also interested in local regions, and interact in Fukuoka and Kyoto

(Fukuoka, Kyoto, United States, China, Taiwan, Switzerland, Portugal, and Colombia)
Innovation Promotion Division
November 15, 2019

JETRO is also cooperating with local governments that are focusing on attracting foreign companies and creating innovation, and is supporting the regional expansion of startups invited to CEATEC (see the article on November 15, 2019). On October 21 after the CEATEC session, three Health tech startups (FREE Bionics Japan from Taiwan, Findability Sciences from the United States, and Eyeware from Switzerland) participated in the Kyoto program, while four Health tech mobility startups (Insta360 from China, EVA from Portugal, Human Bionics from Colombia, and Protesis Avanzadas also from Colombia) participated in the Fukuoka program, respectively, and conducted business negotiations and networking with Japanese companies.

In the Fukuoka Prefecture program, after explaining the prefecture's corporate attraction measures and to visit Fukuoka Growth Next, a public-private joint incubation facility in Fukuoka City, the program was divided into two courses to conduct visits and business talks, etc. Two Health tech companies from Colombia visited a local hospital, and Protesys Avanzadas interviewed a university professor involved in robotic hand research in Kyushu. Chinese and Portuguese companies held six business talks with local companies who could be potential partners. The invited companies commented that "Fukuoka is very close to major Asian cities, making its location very attractive." indicating a high level of interest in the location of Fukuoka Prefecture.

Pitch at Fukuoka Growth Next (photo by JETRO)

Networking at Fukuoka Growth Next (photo by JETRO)

In the Kyoto City program, companies visited a major electronics and information equipment manufacturer and Kyoto Research Park, which provides a research and development environment and venture business support services. They also presented their pitches and networked at Plug and Play Kyoto, an accelerator from the United States. Eyeware from Switzerland, who have developed eye tracking technology that can detect eye-gaze and operate devices commented, "We have traveled regularly to China and South Korea in Asia, yet Japan is an untapped market. We are delighted to have received a better reaction than we were expecting from Japanese companies through the CEATEC exhibition and tour in Kyoto. Our technology can be applied to a wide range of fields such as mobility, retail, healthcare, and games, so we aim to jointly develop prototypes for each field." said Eyeware, indicating their high expectations for business development in Japan.

(TAKI Sachino)

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